A glass raised to karmic justice

Killian’s Angels, the city’s pre-eminent all-women’s Celtic-fashioned ensemble, played Brendan’s Pub at the Orleans last night. During their second set, the band was distracted by several TVs behind the bar broadcasting the KLAS Channel 8 coverage of the O.J. Simpson verdict in his armed robbery and kidnapping trial in Las Vegas.

The band halted as the word “Guilty” flashed across the bottom of the screen. When someone shouted “of all 12 counts!” to the stage, the band held aloft their various beverages, which had become celebratory, and toasted the 12-pack verdict with the dozens of pub patrons. “Slainte!” they called out, reciting their oft-used salute to the audience. Every glass in the place was raised, and one of the Angels shouted, “The sonofobitch finally got what he deserved!”

The next song could well have been “Instant Karma,” though in O.J.’s case the inevitable karmic comeuppance took 14 years to be delivered. As someone far wiser than I once said, “Instant karma’s gonna get you/gonna knock you off your feet.” Far more than a gutter-level memorabilia deal gone bad, that’s what this case was all about. We all shine on, except for you, Juice. Cheers.

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