A Red Bull Christmas with Tiesto at Jet

Photo: Richard Brian

On a cold and windy Christmas night with a Gotham City-like green fog hanging over the Strip, you might think that no one would want to leave the house or hotel room. But hundreds were celebrating the holiday packed inside Jet to see Tiesto, the internationally celebrated trance DJ, work his magic.

Tiesto @ Jet

Listening to Tiesto’s music in a club is like chugging a Red Bull: It's a flood of intense stimuli that keeps you awake and alert for hours. Dance music fans maintain that Tiesto broke a world record in 2001 by drinking 31 cans of Red Bull in 24 hours.

"We saw him in Berlin. It was fucking amazing,” said Andrew from San Diego. “Hearing him tonight brings back good memories."

The DJ may have Red Bull flowing through his veins. Tiesto has been cramming 25 shows into 4 weeks, hitting Ibiza, Australia, Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, London and the States before winding up his worldwide, wildly popular In Search of Sunrise Summer 2008 Tour on New Years Eve at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

Inside Jet, his fans were just as entranced by the electronic beats as their idol. One man swirled his hands raver-style, hypnotized by their movements, while security repeatedly tried to get him to move from where he was obliviously obstructing traffic. Others incessantly writhed their bodies and their glow sticks and threw their hands up and screamed whenever Tiesto began another crowd favorite. Everyone sang along to a remix of The Killer's "Mr. Brightside" like it had become a collective anthem.

"Tiesto is the pinnacle of happiness," Mikhail from L.A. said.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than that?


Jennifer Grafiada

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