Weekly exclusive: BarMagic of Las Vegas presents Social Mixology: Artisan Cocktail Culture in Las Vegas

The new Tuesday night party from BarMagic of Las Vegas will feature crafted cocktails, a DJ soundtrack and a total lack of ego. Almost as refreshing as that mint julep.

Cocktailians of the world, unite! BarMagic of Las Vegas and Deluca Liquor & Wine are teaming up to bring us Vegas' first ever dedicated weekly mixology party—Social Mixology, Tuesday nights at the Artisan Bar.

After debuting quietly with an invite-only kick-off, Social Mixology will bring together "local socialites and laid-back scenesters, global cocktailians and industry influencers" every Tuesday for some serious (as well as not-so-serious) imbibing from 7 p.m. to midnight beginning March 10 and running through the end of 2009. Each month, a new brand of spirit will be featured in fresh cocktails spanning the beverage timeline from pre-Prohibition classics to contemporary takes and cutting-edge gastro-molecular shockers made by the staff of BarMagic of Las Vegas.

With a backbone of live DJ sounds at a conversational level, BarMagic's Tobin Ellis says he expects the party to overflow in good weather to the Artisan pool patio, garden and beyond. The idea is pure "cocktail culture immersion," says the consultant. Having traveled far and wide with BarMagic to install cocktail culture around the globe, Ellis has seen that culture as it exists in some other cities as well as here in Vegas, where it is still advancing. "We're going to try to give the best of both worlds: the service, the personality and the vibe." Hence, Social Mixology.

Whether you're a budding beverage nut or think imported beer is exotic enough, no fear, you are still welcomed to share in the exchange of ideas, or "If you want come in and have a shot of Patron, God bless you! My name is Tobin and here's your Patron," he laughs. "This party has no ego. Come in and let's make and drink great cocktails together." Or, "come in and share what you know. You make your own vermouth? Sweet. Bring in your recipe and let's try it!" (Ellis knows a little something himself about tinkering at home with private label products. Together, he and BarMagic's John Hogan created Hogan & Ellis' Outlaw Brown Tonic elixir to make more authentic, organic gin and tonics.)

There may not be ego at Social Mixology but there is a little bit of red tape. Beginning in April, at the conclusion of each month, the last Tuesday (or nearest holiday) will be reserved as an invite-only finale for those who attended throughout that month. That party will feature additional entertainment ("models, Cirque [du Soleil]-esque acrobats, percussionists, actors, artistic go-go dancers, impersonators …") as well as hosted bars, food and even a theme.

"It's about creating some pride in Las Vegas," says Ellis, so that when people in the industry regard Sin City's beverage offerings they'll say, "Right on! Vegas has got one on the map!"


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