Adventures in spaz-dancing

“That was like being in a tornado,” Jackson Wilcox declares after descending into the crowd toward the end of Neon Reverb, Night 1 at the Bunkhouse. Appearances by his local indie band, A Crowd of Small Adventures, are typically fidgety audience affairs, but a bizarro moshpit inhabited by lanky inebriates jerking through a series of Monty Python silly walks? Hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?

The head lunatic comes precariously close to taking out Wilcox’s mic stand and/or beer on several occasions, but somehow, his wild movements never quite make the leap from minor annoyance to full-on menace (the Bunkhouse staff does escort him outside at one point for a short chart … which does absolutely nothing to curb his behavior).

Props to Wilcox for leaving the safety of the stage to spend a few moments in the eye of that hurricane. One can only guess whether the experience might coax ACoSA from its relative hibernation (the band’s last public set occurred way back at the same festival’s March installment) or swear the group off live performance altogether.

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