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Las Vegan Bobby Martinez is front and center for The Warlocks’ Friday night Neon Reverb performance in the Aruba Showroom, but he could be even closer. The ex-member of the Los Angeles psych-rock outfit says he was asked to rejoin the band—and nearly accepted—earlier this summer, before opting to remain in Vegas and pursue his own project, Vietnam Cowboy (The Warlocks’ Facebook page actually lists Martinez as its current bassist). Martinez has to bail on his mates’ densely layered, three-guitar-topped assault (which sounded great, incidentally; kudos to you, sound man) a bit before it ends, to set up down the hall at the Aruba’s Thunderbird Lounge. And then it’s The Warlocks’ turn to return the favor, with frontman Bobby Hecksher and guitarist J.C. Rees scoping out Vietnam Cowboy’s short but entertaining set, which ends with a manic journey through longtime Martinez live powerhouse “Crystal Highway.”

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