Chaos at Cursive

Tim Kasher tests his vocal chords
Photo: April Corbin

If you chose to skip out on Thursday night’s Cursive concert because you saw the Nebraska indie rockers three months back, you missed out. The band, venue and turnout may have been the same, but this time around Tim Kasher and friends brought a whole new energy to the stage at the Beauty Bar.

Here are a few show highlights that reminded us why we love the band so much:

-A flip-flop clad Kasher (who confessed to have forgotten to pack shoes) climbed on top of one of the large side speakers with microphone in hand, all without skipping a beat…That is, until he attempted to climb down and landed on his butt.

-An over-zealous crowd moshed, screamed and flung themselves full throttle against the stage. Which all seemed rather normal considering one audience member had previously jumped up to help reassemble a knocked over drum cymbal in the middle of a song. A less friendly fan flung his gum on stage for the guitar player to later step in.

-Despite numerous technical difficulties - everything from stage lights being switched-off accidentally by a certain Weekly staff member to equipment chords coming unplugged - Kasher took it all in stride and simply grinned and wagged his finger at the crowd.

Cursive @ Beauty Bar 9/24/09

-The band performed not only every song that a faithful Cursive groupie could ask for, but extended the show by playing a few unexpected covers, including “Get Me to the Church on Time.”

-The show ended with the frontman jumping down into the audience, guitar in hand, and creating his own mosh pit/dance party. The already riled up crowd went even crazier, with casualties including eyeglasses being knocked-off and trampled and various audience members being restrained by security. Dizzying, but definitely wonderful.

There’s only one question left: When’s round three?


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