Tokyo chicks tear up Thunderbird Lounge

Tokyo’s Bo-Peep rocks the Thunderbird Lounge during Neon Reverb.
Photo: Laura Davis

Bo-Peep had a buzz going into Neon Reverb.

Rumors swirled that the grunge trio from Tokyo, Japan meant business. Loud rock, crazy costumes and a don’t-mess-with-this attitude that could make Courtney Love look sweet.

The best part? They lived up to it, and then some.

Closing out the Thunderbird Lounge on Thursday, the girls pulled the biggest crowd of the night and managed to coerce everyone in the room from the bar to the dance floor.

Bo-Peep makes Courtney Love look sweet.

Bo-Peep makes Courtney Love look sweet.

While the lyrics were incomprehensive for most members of the audience — they sing, and sometimes scream, in Japanese — this was one of those shows were you don’t need words, just chicks rocking out.

Bo-Peep obliged the crowd with not one but two encores, despite the sweat visibly dripping down their faces after only the first.

The energy emulating from the crowd was so great, a couple audience members had to be told to calm down at various points in their dance moves — apparently it’s okay to party, just not too hard.


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