Sunglassed Skooners close Neon Reverb

The Skooners play Neon Reverb at the Bunkhouse.
Photo: Laura Davis

“We’re going to do something crazy. We’re going to start this off with a song we wrote yesterday,” says Ian Dewayne as the Skooners prepare to close out Neon Reverb’s warp-party at the Bunkhouse.

The local favorites, who — judging by the fans rushing the stage and snapping shots — largely were responsible for drawing the crowd out on a Sunday, proceeded to play a set filled with brand new tunes.

Too fresh even to be included on the upcoming album.

To make the set a little more sing-along friendly — anyone who’s attended a Skooner show knows its fans love to join in — a couple older tunes were thrown in, including “Bad, Bad Man” and “Queen of Downtown.”

The Skooners close out Neon Reverb at the Bunkhouse.

The Skooners close out Neon Reverb at the Bunkhouse.

The wrap party was used not just as a chance to “reflect on Neon Reverb,” as frontman Blair Dewane asked of the audience, but also as an opportunity to record a life-performance video for the band’s Web site. It’s rumored the footage also may have been shot upon the request of a label scout.

Despite a few technical difficulties towards the end, the Skooners’ set proved to be a great way to close Neon Reverb.

If the video footage was for a label’s eyes, with a little editing out of equipment malfunctions the Skooners may be headed for the majors, sunglasses and all.


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