NASCAR weekend brings “trash with cash”

NASCAR is in town this weekend. I’m not a fan of NASCAR and I don’t understand the appeal of NASCAR. Being a NASCAR fan involves having a fascination with watching people drive cars. I see that every day on the freeway, so I don’t feel it is necessary to fly to another state and sit in a crowded stadium to witness such an event. To each his own, I suppose. They’re even flying in from other countries to see the cars. Well, Canada anyway. As much as Canada counts as another country.

These NASCAR folks are easy to spot. They wear brightly colored jackets with advertisements for things like soda companies and home improvement stores. Many have Southern accents and missing teeth. Just an observation. They’re not especially complicated customers. They like T&A, American beer and guns. You don’t have to attempt to hold thoughtful conversations with many of them. It’s pretty straightforward. Our job is a whole hell of a lot easier when we’re objectified. It’s easiest when it’s mindless physical labor.

This year’s crowd is also easier because of the economy. At first that seems like a strange thought considering few people have any money left but the situation is such that the only people making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas in their finest brightly colored NASCAR apparel are the people who can afford it. They’re “trash with cash,” as one woman said it. Hopefully the weekend goes by profitably and painlessly.

I got invited by a group of customers to go to the races this weekend. They really insisted. “You need to have fun!” It’s true. Who doesn’t need fun? To sweeten the offer, they said they’d even buy me ribs and beer in the parking lot. I would be a fool to refuse, right?


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