The woman having sushi eaten off her nude body? She’s a friend

A few days have passed, like a cold shower to relieve us from the excitement of the night of the porn awards. I missed the convention and the awards but I was able to catch the most debaucherous party I have ever attended, so I figured it was worth a mention.

The party was hosted in a cluster of penthouse suites in one of the nicest hotels on the Strip. Security prevented uninvited people from passing beyond a certain point in the overdecorated hallway. Behind white double doors, the candlelit main suite was packed with people in rubber and lace. There was a stripper pole in the middle of the room. I recognized my friend, a real estate agent by day/hardcore porn star by night, as the blonde who was climbing and spinning on it. She was wearing a shiny, purplish corset and black thigh-high stockings. Stockings make pole dancing difficult, but she’s really good.

All the body heat and sweating and sex were heavy in the air. There was no place to sit and barely a path to walk. There were naked women, piled like a litter of puppies, passed out on oversized fringy throw pillows along the wall by some metal bondage contraption. My boyfriend recognized one of the porn stars from a MILF porn, sitting on a bedroom bench.

In the adjacent room still inside the main suite, you could say, is where the “magic” happened. The white marble fireplace mantle and the nightstands were covered with lit candles, novelty condoms, a variety of little Halloween candies and individual packets of lube. Several sex acts were performed on the large bed in the middle of the room. Really, there was no room for another act of sex on that bed, there were so many people. Goodness. A thin transsexual with fake breasts and blond pigtails layed in the middle of the bed, while another woman performed oral sex on her male member. Through the night, the bed would host what seemed like an endless rotation of people, each with a more tremendous performance.

A woman in the corner of the room was strapped to one of those bondage structures while a couple in black rubber took turns flogging her.

“Are you in the industry?” someone asked me. With my too-blond hair, big boobs, tight red dress and the present situation, it was a reasonable question. I shook my head “no,” and he told me to take the question as a compliment. Sure. Why not?

My friend, who was one of the women with whom I went to the party, disappeared into the crowd, engulfed in the flesh and spankings of the night. I saw her later completely naked except for a white rope someone tied her up in like a Christmas ham. She laid still on a long, black dining-room table and became a human sushi platter. Attendees took turns eating pieces of supermarket sushi off her entire body. The sushi wasn’t so good, but it’s all about presentation.


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