More cops, more tension — but at least I’m just slingin’ drinks

The cops are up to their dirty tricks again. I was at work during another police visit. Luckily I was only serving drinks. It’s so creepy the way it happens. They make their busts so discreetly that business goes on as usual and the majority of workers don’t even know that the police were there at all. Strippers get called into the office, arrested behind closed doors and just disappear from the premises. The ones who are slapped on the wrist with just a ticket often are too embarrassed to mention it to other workers.

The only way I realized what was going on was when the strippers walked through the club in their street clothes to the main office. Most clubs have a strict policy against allowing strippers to be in their street clothes where business is conducted. It was just odd to see a not-naked stripper.

“Is vice here?” I quietly asked a bouncer. He nodded. If you know that the cops are on the premises you’re not supposed to tell anyone.

I told people anyway.

Everyone kind of shrugs it off as long as it doesn’t directly involve them, though. Like it’s normal, which is much creepier than anything.

I remember one of the cops. I asked him if he needed a drink and he told me he hadn’t even finished his first beer because he was too distracted. He had his hands full of busty tan brunette as he said it. I couldn’t help but notice that almost all the girls that got busted on this visit were busty brunettes. If your job required you to eat a bunch of free ice cream you may as well get your favorite flavor and if your job requires you to get a bunch of free lap dances, you may as well pick your favorite flavor of stripper too. What a cool job.


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