Who wants to eat Wayne Newton?

Once before I go down the hatch?
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

How do you do justice to a Las Vegas icon via a party favor? How about with another Vegas icon? Freed’s Bakery, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary, created a cookie emblazoned with a full body image of The Wayner (in all his tuxedo-clad red pocket handkerchiefed glory) for guests attending his opening night performance.

The man looks dapper even when portrayed in edible form. Impressive.

Wayne Newton, also celebrating his 50th year in the business, performed last night at the grand opening of his new show at The Tropicana, Once Before I Go. After closing the show with a string of his most famous hits, invited guests headed to an after party where Newton appeared and cheerfully posed with every last attendee desiring a photo with Mr. Las Vegas.

As the party was winding down, Wayne’s likeness appeared in Pop Tart-shaped cookie form. The edible party favor, fitting for the dual 50th anniversaries of the bakery and the iconic singer, left us with the odd conundrum of exactly how to eat the Vegas legend. Like the chocolate bunny from the Easter basket, we considered starting with Wayne’s shiny black shoes, his perfectly coiffed hair, maybe the tasty decorative frosting border. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; this time around it’s a thousand calories.


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