Like ranch on your fries? Tough, says Todd English

Todd English P.U.B., located inside Aria at CityCenter.
Photo: Beverly Poppe

Stopped into Todd English P.U.B. at Aria this week, and first off let me say the food is terrific. (I’m pretty sure that when I bit into the Amsterdam, a burger topped with pastrami and swiss, it caused a rift in the space/time continuum.) But as good as the fries were, they came with only a dish of ketchup. I, of course, made the next logical request:

“Can I have some ranch for these fries?”

“Sorry,” the bartender responded with a sheepish grin. “Todd doesn’t serve ranch here. It’s a Todd thing.” She offered me bleu cheese instead, which I politely declined. I firmly believe there are ranch people, and there are bleu people, just like Coke and Pepsi. There should be room for both, I thought.

My dining buddy, however, could not disagree more. He stopped eating, raised his fist and said, “Way to go, Todd!!!” Apparently the anti-ranch wave has its supporters. My soon-to-be-former friend then informed me that he also hates how buffalo wings are served with ranch. “They should be served with bleu cheese, nothing else!”

So I’m throwing it out to you, our dear readers, to weigh in on this Incredibly Important Topic: Is Todd right or wrong in his stance? Is this a slap in the face to the ranch dressing industry? Can ranch and bleu co-exist, or do I just have incredibly poor taste in salad dressing?

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