Now a piece of anti-Trump art, the Donald’s old campaign bus is Vegas-bound

Artists Mary Mihelic and David Gleeson purchased Donald Trump’s former campaign, bus turned it into a roving anti-Trump contemporary artwork and hit the road.

Update: Sad news for Las Vegas anti-Trumpers, eager to creatively express their political concerns regarding the future of America. Artists David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic, operating under the name t.rutt, have reported that the bus broke down in Laramie, Wyoming, and had to be towed for repairs. While their First Friday appearance will not be happening, the artists plan to head out Monday morning toward Las Vegas before heading to California. Updates to follow.

In fall 2015, Donald Trump’s former campaign bus went up for sale on Craigslist. Two artists purchased it, turned it into a roving anti-Trump contemporary artwork and hit the road. This week those artists, Mary Mihelic and David Gleeson—operating under the name t.Rutt—will drive the blue bus into Vegas for First Friday before moving on to California for the final primary election. The bus, marked with the letters T.rump, will park Downtown, possibly on Main Street, offering an interactive component involving political and art discourse. Contemporary Arts Center board president Melissa Petersen offered assistance as an art patron and longtime political activist. Why? “This is the future of our country.” Petersen says. “We will not stay quiet.”

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