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Best in PrintOkay, so now what?
It’s time to find out what change really looks like read article
Best in Print24 things we won’t have to think about again
Our scrapbook of fond campaign highlights read article
Things we learned from the campaign
Things we’ll never forget … and a few we wish we could read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionSexo” sells
The only English words in the ad were, “table dance: $10.” It was on Page 23 of El Mundo, the valley’s oldest Spanish-language weekly. more
I Voted” freebies: Thanks but no thanks
We noticed that chains such as Starbucks were giving out free coffee on election day for voters. more
Porn again
The XXXChurch ministers to people addicted to porn, largely by attending porn conventions and handing out literature. more
The IntersectionWhat happens with Wanda …
This column was supposed to be about Criss Angel’s new theater. In short, the theater is terrible. So instead, this column is about Wanda. more
The IntersectionPerception and panic!
There’s no need to be talking about the possibility of bankruptcies on the Strip—this city is a brand: “Vegas.” What else should the vice president ... more
The IntersectionTapped out(1 comment)
Water from Lake Mead turned up in a surprising place: several Walmart stores in the Bay Area. more


Pacha scopes out Vegas, Miami (our vote is for Vegas)
Here in mid-global economic meltdown Vegas we may see pigs flying and temperatures in hell approaching freezing, but Pacha New York’s operating partner Eddie Dean ... more
NightlifeAll hallowed out
It’s like when Christmas decorations go up two months in advance—you just get sick of it by the time the holiday actually rolls around. more
NightlifeAll the rave
I encounter my first group of Fabulous festival-goers: slender boys, not a day over 18, shirtless and wearing tiny backpacks. more
NightlifeFinally seeing green?
Oscar Goodman, Hamlet and a Trekkie walk into a bar … It hasn’t happened yet, but could be possible in the near future at the ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentKind of Blu
Trumpeter James Barela was looking for material that he could “play a thousand times, a million times, and it still feels as fresh as the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPoker with “priceless” stakes
The winner of the World Series of Poker’s Main Event finals table gets to take home a duffel bags of cash and commemorative bling. It’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFall from grace(1 comment)
The good news: Criss Angel Believe is as bad as—or worse than—you’ve heard. In a couple weeks when Cirque du Soleil slashes ticket prices, go ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGarfield minus Garfield
Jim Davis’ comic strip cat/licensing cash cow Garfield famously hates Mondays and, less famously, birthdays. So how’s he coping with turning 30 this year? The ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPartners in choreography
One of the recent highlights of the local dance scene has been the unique collaboration between the high-concept Cirque du Soleil and the classically oriented ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe future is now
By the time we get to 2017, we may indeed be forcing convicted criminals to outrun sadistic gladiators with souped-up chain saws on national TV. more
Arts and EntertainmentReturn to Eastwick
John Updike conjured a trio of Rhode Island women—Sukie, Lexa and Jane—who become witches after divorcing. Single and suddenly free, they wreaked havoc on a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe cat’s pajamas, Primm edition
Mistress Lily leads the six beautiful Kitties in a lively song-and-dance routine so tasteful you almost forget about the topless aspect … until a bra ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMagalie Chacon as a Spermatine in “Mystere”
Even without her colorful costume, Chacon gets identified around town as a Cirque performer. more
Arts and EntertainmentPyramid scheme
In July 2007, Luxor announced a $300 million renovation to undertake the seemingly perverse task of taking the Egyptian theme out of the pyramid-shaped resort. more
Arts and EntertainmentLVW to RS: We’re bigger than you!
Change arrived in the mail: Rolling Stone. Well, it said Rolling Stone on the cover and had the same middle-of-the-road music coverage inside. But it ... more


ScreenUtopian and despairing
Rachel Getting Married, an emotionally wrenching family melodrama with a uniquely paradoxical tone, at once utopian and despairing, easily ranks among the year’s best films. more
ScreenRole Models
Role Modelsis a thoroughly audience-friendly movie, a predictable, formulaic buddy comedy with a feel-good message. more
ScreenAnita O’Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer
It’s that smile, those lusty teeth, somehow coy and seductive, warm and haughty. It’s a lush “I don’t give a damn” smile. more
Soul Men
No matter what else is going on in Soul Men, it’s difficult not to be moved by the posthumous performances of Bernie Mac and Isaac ... more
ScreenMadagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Melman becomes the giraffes’ doctor, Gloria is seduced by a hippo lothario, Marty blends in with the zebra herd, Julien tries to become king of ... more
ScreenRepo! The Genetic Opera
Any movie that stars both Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton seems destined for cult status, and the most surprising thing about Repo! The Genetic Opera, ... more

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Vegans beware!
TasteLooking around at the throngs eating giant slabs of meat with fervor at the new Texas de Brazil, my thoughts turned to Nero, who allegedly played the lyre while Rome burned.




CD Cover Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Doofy name; comfortably well-worn alt-country grooves. On the fourth album with his backing-band-turned-full-collaborators in as many years (meaning he’s actually slowing down a bit), rock’s favorite troubled troubadour finds himself ...
CD Cover Squarepusher
There was a very short period, around 1996-1997, when you couldn’t tell Richard D. James’ Aphex Twin project from Tom Jenkinson’s Squarepusher project.
CD Cover Hungry Cloud
When Mike Weller performed in my living room in February, he fashioned a makeshift guitar strap out of a shoelace from my wife’s closet.

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Cocktail of the Week Nov 6, 2008
by Xania Woodman

The Obamarama and The Maverick

Essentially, The Obamarama is just a blueberry lemonade and The Maverick is just a raspberry white tea…but when, in the history of politics, has anything ever been plainly stated?! At ...