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Best in PrintThe scale of this is too grand for words’
Experiences from Washington, D.C., January 20, 2009 read article
Best in PrintThe states we’re in
Examining the state of the Valley from four different perspectives read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionForbes to Henderson, North Las Vegas: Whatever
Forbes, last month, has gone and named North Las Vegas and Henderson two of America’s 10 most boring cities. more
Amen Corner: Facebook has potential!
We owe a big thanks to Channel 10’s Mitch Fox for showing R-J columnist Jane Ann Morrison that there is “some potential in Facebook.” You ... more
The IntersectionSuds and buds(1 comment)
As with most things that come to Vegas, Beer & Blog originated somewhere else, in this case Portland, Oregon. more
The IntersectionWhich way to pork town?
Barack Obama has been very careful in his choice of words up to this point, but he might have let slip more than he wanted ... more
The IntersectionLawyers, guns … and money(2 comments)
A legitimate mob museum at the beautiful, restored historic old federal building Downtown would be an enormous success for Las Vegas. more
The Help Desk
Overweight, unkempt Joaquin Phoenix performs incoherent rap at Vegas nightclub, falls off the stage. Or as Britney Spears would call it, Saturday night. North Las ... more
The IntersectionStop driving on Red Rock
Saturday. A beautiful, clear, crisp day. The kind that used to become magically more so the further out West Charleston you got. Today it’s not ... more


Lawful liquor (1 comment)
Las Vegans are used to getting it any time, any place (every place!), in any combination, at every volume and at any hour: booze. more
The gift that keeps on pouring(26 comments)
Ever wonder why people pay real money to give imaginary Facebook gifts like cocktails and presents? Princeton alums Patrick Ledbetter and Adam Ludwig did. more
NightlifeBeat this
Happy fifth birthday, Beatport! What a perfect excuse to throw more events than a Vegas socialite. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentUntrustworthy
Trust Me is thoroughly mediocre, an occasionally entertaining look at typical office shenanigans that could easily be transported to a law firm or a software ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOpening doors
Ryan D’Agostino cold-called residents in some of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods to ask rich people how they got that way. more
Arts and EntertainmentSeeing” is believing
The individuals assembled for You See are Left Coast art gods, key players in one of the many cultural shifts that erupted in California during ... more
I read the news today, oh boy
Cheap Trick, the rumor mill has it, might soon be residing at the Las Vegas Hilton, performing The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. more
Arts and EntertainmentSmith Center drama
At a projected budget of $475 million, the Smith Center for the Performing Arts is the biggest investment in the arts Las Vegas has ever seen. more
Arts and EntertainmentDifferent times
At a time like this, when the bubble has burst on Las Vegas’ collective psyche, it’s nice to recall the good old days of sun ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTriumphant “Trojan”
Trojan Women 2.0 is the type of theater that is easy to make fun of, but it is also the type of theater, for some ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPin some salmon to her dress
Ruffled taffeta. Blue eye shadow. Tuxes that had taken one too many trips to the back seat of dad’s Olds. more
Arts and EntertainmentWho are The Head Cat?
Chances are you’ve never heard of rockabilly trio The Head Cat, who play Wasted Space this week. more
Arts and EntertainmentHere’s looking at Casablanca
Everyone’s heard of the Humphrey Bogart-Ingrid Bergman classic, and is probably familiar with its numerous quotable lines, but that’s no substitute for watching the film itself. more


ScreenLunch and a movie
Local filmmaker Tom Barndt’s surreal short films have shown up at CineVegas and the Dam Short Film Festival, among other places, and last year he ... more
Like most fantasy-adventure stories, Inkheart, adapted from German author Cornelia Funke’s popular series of children’s books, strives to conjure up a long-forgotten world. more
ScreenAllegory, with giant drooling wolves
In TV ads for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, scenes showing actress Rhona Mitra are edited in a speedy way that leaves just a little ... more

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Turkish delight
TasteI’ve been reviewing restaurants since 1984, and if one great cuisine has been sorely absent from my columns, it is the glorious cooking of Turkey.
Sex > honey toast (but just barely)
TasteI take online restaurant reviews with a grain of salt, but when everyone agrees that a dish is so divine it warrants exclamation points, expletives and comparisons to sex, I yield to the communal will.
Democratic Dr Pepper
TasteDr Pepper promised everyone in America a free soda if Guns N’ Roses’ long-delayed Chinese Democracy was released in 2008.


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CD Cover Leathermouth
With the first release from his mad-as-hell side project Leathermouth, Frank Iero returns to his unruly roots with a nod to such precursors of social and political protest as Black ...
CD Cover Andrew Bird
When you hear that Andrew Bird is back with all the bells and whistles, you can take that at its most literal meaning.
CD Cover Truckasauras
These Pitchfork-approved Seattleites fiddle with synths, an 808 drum machine and a Game Boy to produce a texture to the 8-bit side of IDM.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jan 22, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Lucky Pear

When the Pear Bureau of the Northwest put out a call for pear recipes and cocktails,  decorated Vegas flair bartender and molecular mixologist Steve Dorsey (2008 FBA Blue Blazer mixology ...