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Best in Print25 lists about Jim Gibbons
A carefully researched, somewhat randomly organized, entirely satirical, often accurate assemblage of minutia on Nevada’s governor read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionSun dance festival
In a dance studio south of the Strip earlier this month, a long table of casting personnel sat at attention in a large mirrored room ... more
The IntersectionIn the worst of times … Do something!(2 comments)
Last Friday’s announcement of the closing of the Las Vegas Art Museum officially inaugurates what some might be tempted to call the worst of times. more
The IntersectionBloody Marys?! Awesome!
At 9 a.m. the hookers at the Chicken Ranch are dressed and ready. Usually they wear gowns and look intentionally, even zealously, girly. more
Suggestion box: Bring the Oscars to Vegas
After watching the witless farrago that was this year’s Oscars, we know what has to be done to save the dying franchise: Bring it to ... more
The Help Desk
Harry Reid won’t call for Sen. Roland Burris’ resignation, saying, “We’re just going to wait and see what’s going to happen.” If Burris’ nose begins ... more
The IntersectionSwept away
There are two ironies about the city of Las Vegas’ Downtown Beautification Office, which sends people with parking tickets, DUIs and domestic-violence offenses on to ... more


NightlifeDon Julio 1942 Cadillac
For the Cadillac of margs, Isla’s Tequila Goddess (long may she reign) selected the Cadillac of tequilas to delight tequila connoisseurs with an affordable indulgence. more
Swag bag confidential
According to the IRS, the presenters at the 81st annual Academy Awards last Sunday, though donating their time and image, and despite being handed their ... more
NightlifeLet’s hear it for the boy
He might not use six turntables or have a lady assist him in the booth when he plays the sample “Scratch With Your Titty” anymore, ... more
NightlifeSpeaking of Ken Hall and legends
Here comes the Nightclub & Bar Show and that means here comes the 11th annual Legends of Bartending Competition, called the “Superbowl of bartending.” more
NightlifeA dalliance with suburbia
Sweet, sweet suburbia, how I’ve missed you. That’s what I thought as I pulled open the giant letter “V” on the door of Vintner Grill. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentR.I.P. Canvas Cafe (2007-2009)
Recessionary economy + historical odds against running a successful Vegas venue = doom. more
Arts and EntertainmentHow’s that new Joint?
Meet the new Joint. Same as the old Joint? Not exactly. more
Arts and EntertainmentA Frank appraisal
Book by book, yarn by yarn, novelist T.C. Boyle has been assembling a fabulous and tawdry imaginative U.S. history. more
Arts and EntertainmentCurses! (every last one in The Sopranos)
Want to see 86 episodes of The Sopranos meticulously mined and compiled into a montage of nearly 5,000 curse words screamed, spat and muttered on ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA muddled political “Cartoon”
What to do with Cartoon? In the play, a cartoon world is held in stasis by Esther (played by Sara Spraker) and her powerful hammer. more
Arts and EntertainmentThat’s so punk rock
This Friday at Wasted Space, punk-rock fans can channel their inner frontman and head up a band of seasoned punk vets—for three minutes, at least. more
Arts and EntertainmentThicket of art
I read the other day that scientists are having trouble finding a way to illustrate the tree of life. The Contemporary Arts Center’s 20th Anniversary ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLittle Big Town
With its layered four-part harmonies and rotating lead singers, this Nashville quartet draws as much from ’70s rockers like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac as ... more
Arts and EntertainmentClose encounter
The frilly window valance, the unshaded lamps on the matching end tables, the family portraits of birthday parties and Boy Scouts … it just didn’t ... more
Even better than the new thing
On the occasion of the Weekly review of U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon, a few staffers share their favorite tracks from Bono ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAn American in (Crazy Horse) Paris
Onstage, Kristal D’Arc is another perfectly toned figure dancing around chains and pouncing on chairs. But there’s something you wouldn’t know from seeing her on ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSpoofing Twilight(4 comments)
The Hindi sisters have topped their Hillywood Show with a Twilight parody that earned more than 250,000 hits in its first week. “We’ve worked so ... more
Life without Carolla(1 comment)
Hey, even though the Ace Man is off the air, radio can still be fun, right? And they say television will rot your brain. more


ScreenA rotten combo
Waltz With Bashir has accomplished a remarkable film-ghetto hat trick, being simultaneously one of last year’s most acclaimed foreign films, one of its most celebrated ... more
ScreenThe man behind Madea
While you were watching the Oscars, Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail was the No. 1 movie in America, pulling in $41 million at the ... more

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Great view, great food
TasteLast week I found myself in the United Kingdom, ushering four Chinese friends on a mini-tour.




CD Cover Which God is mightier?
Has the new wave of American heavy metal reached maturity? New releases from two of the movement’s top acts, Virginia’s Lamb of God and New Jersey’s God Forbid, beg the ...
CD Cover U2
U2’s transcendent days have gone the way of its youthful naivete. Still, the band’s willingness to take risks is a welcome change from the hermetically sealed authenticity of its previous ...
CD Cover Dan Auerbach
Considering there are just two Black Keys—and that one of them mans the drums exclusively—it’s natural to expect singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach’s first solo record to sound a lot like one ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Feb 26, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Don Julio 1942 Cadillac

  For the Cadillac of margs, Isla’s Tequila Goddess (long may she reign) selected the Cadillac of tequilas to delight tequila connoisseurs with an affordable indulgence. Though traditionally enjoyed neat ...