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Harry Reid won’t call for Sen. Roland Burris’ resignation, saying, “We’re just going to wait and see what’s going to happen.” If Burris’ nose begins to grow, the course is pretty clear.

Nelly proposes Nelly’s Night in Vegas, because “I was thinking about what was missing on TV.” Amazingly, the answer came back, “Nelly.”

Bravo denies rumor it’s scouting for a Real Housewives of Las Vegas show. Then adds, “But thanks for the idea!”

Vegas becoming more popular as a spring-break destination. That’s because we’re now cheaper than Mexico.

Michael Jackson may play live shows in Las Vegas this year. Way to strike while the iron’s hot, Mike.

North Las Vegas City Council strips its housing authority of federal housing voucher program after discovering it didn’t spend $800,000 meant for lower-income familiesIts employees are expected to thrive in the health-care industry.

Las Vegas Art Museum to close February 28. Two million Las Vegans respond, “We have a museum?”


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