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MAY 7 - MAY 13
Best in PrintLeaps of faith
Alvin Tam counsels others on conquering their fears by flinging their bodies into harm’s way read article
Best in PrintShiny happy people
Need to get rid of all that gold sitting around? Why not host a gold party? read article
Best in PrintAlways bet on black and white
Anthony Curtis can gamble, but prefers to make his living writing about it read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionThe Searchlight stalwart
Back in march, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid lent his voice trying to urge a resolution to financial woes at MGM Mirage, which were threatening to ... more
The IntersectionShiny happy people
With a last name like “Silver,” I’ve pretty much shied away from gold my whole life, staying true to my kin. The bulk of my ... more
The IntersectionDanny Gans: 1956-2009(3 comments)
How does someone become such a mammoth, wealthy star, entertain untold millions and still remain largely anonymous in the broader popular culture? more
The Help Desk
Bored Las Vegas teen pretends to offer baby for sale on Craigslist. Prank goes horribly wrong when Madonna and Angelina Jolie start vicious bidding war. ... more
Suggestion Box: Hike up our taxes!
Assuming you’re one of those Nevadans who still oppose tax increases, we’d like to offer the following advice: Leave, because it’s obvious you have no ... more


NightlifeSing city
With so many Vegas nightclubs in questionable health, casinos are increasingly turning to live music to save the day. more
NightlifeGetting tech-y with it
The DJ/producer collaborates with some of the biggest names in the biz… and does it all without “fart-y basslines” or “crack head-y” beats. more
NightlifeYour new Downtown crash pad
If you think a Downtown hotel room has to be a cigarette-burned hole in the wall, you overlooked the Cabana Suites. more
NightlifeFriday, ditched
Team Hangover in its entirety was hard at work waking up and applying margaritas to its own hangovers at Ditch Friday. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment(More than) four questions with Nic Fanciulli
A chat with the Grammy-nominated producer/DJ about “ludicrous” iTunes rules, Ibiza and what makes him dance. more
Arts and EntertainmentA feast for the senses
You could eat your way through San Gennaro Feast; just do so after you take a turn on the tilt-a-whirl. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe real facts of life
Onyx Theatre’s The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode is sacrilege to anyone who’s a fan… which is precisely why we’ll be attending. more
Arts and EntertainmentLe roi, c’est moi
Just as Rafiki (he’s the monkey, mandrill, shaman, priest, whatever) holds up lion cub Simba to the adoring crowd at the start of the show, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMind-melding
Playing a Vulcan can be a real head trip: It was enough to lead the most famous Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, to title his first autobiography ... more
Cinevegas to Sundance
Trevor Groth, artistic director of the CineVegas film festival, was named this week as director of programming for Sundance, America’s highest-profile film festival. more
Arts and EntertainmentCharging for bread
It was bad enough when pizza places started charging for delivery. Now, all across the land, restaurants have begun making their patrons pay for the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTube tied
Needless confession: I watch a lot of television. As of March 20, I watch a little less. That’s when Battlestar Galactica broadcast its last regular ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAcademy: reopened
Here’s your main takeaway from this story: Academy Fine Books is open again. more
Arts and EntertainmentSmooth ceramic moves
Robin Stark’s titles—“Delicate Balance,” “Keeping It Together” and “Sisyphus”—hint at the challenges she has experienced in bringing form and order to her sometimes recalcitrant clay. more


ScreenA bold reinvention
Josh Bell doesn’t hate it!?! Star Trek franchise is top-notch summer-blockbuster entertainment that revitalizes an ailing property. more
ScreenBack to the future
From kicking Borg ass to time travel and tribbles, we present our favorite moments from Star Treks past. more
ScreenParis 36
The French musical looks back through such rose-colored glasses, it makes you long to live under the shadow of uncertainty as fascists rise to power. more
ScreenNext Day Air
Next Day Air is a mildly amusing buddy comedy, but the fun little stoner comedy cries for help. more

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Room for improvement
TasteOne thing that differentiates us from larger American cities is the absence of the gastropub, a concept that has already taken root in New York, Chicago and LA.
Your heart will go on
To break the mom’s-day monotony, we suggest high tea aboard the Titanic … or what’s left of it inside the Luxor. Nothing like brunch with death to remind you to thank Mom for giving you life.




CD Cover Bob Dylan
Of course, it should not matter that Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter co-wrote all but one song on the new Bob Dylan record. But there is something unsettling about the ...
CD Cover Meg & Dia
They don’t make bands like Meg & Dia anymore.
CD Cover One Pin Short
Whether or not ska is dead remains debatable, but for Vegas’ foremost feel-good septet, the question is nearly irrelevant.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week May 7, 2009
by Xania Woodman


There are custom cars and custom suits, and then there are custom cocktails. For my birthday, cocktail specialist George Austin created the Xanga—“a combination of IX, Xania and mango.” The ...