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JUNE 18 - JUNE 24
Best in PrintHolly
Dancing with the new star of Peepshow, the woman who plans to be the ultimate Miss Las Vegas read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionA fine restraint(2 comments)
In New York and Los Angeles, when a major star drops dead of unknown causes, there is a repulsive ritual that takes place. In Las ... more
Roll over, Ginsberg
When Allen Ginsberg first performed parts of his Howl manuscript in San Francisco on October 7, 1955, the rhapsodically incoherent poem was clear in one ... more
The IntersectionRandom Photo of the Week(2 comments)
This week’s random photo, straight from the streets of Las Vegas. more
The IntersectionDeath of a big cat
When Midas, a 10-year-old lion, got very sick, and there was a chewed-up half of a toy football in his cage, the first thing zoo ... more
The IntersectionPainting the town: an annotation
This is where a little street we call the Strip would be if Kinkade hadn’t made Tropicana the new Las Vegas Boulevard. We always thought ... more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas Marathon to become “Rock N’ Roll Marathon,” with live music every mile. Songs are expected to include “Running on Empty,” “Stumblin’ In” and ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Huntridge?
For many of the city’s 40-somethings who grew up here, late-night Rocky Horror shindigs marked one of the first times that Las Vegas youth, no ... more
Tiny little expression of angry dismay: Headlines dissemble!
Some of us at the Weekly are raising kids in Las Vegas, and we’ve disputed the common notion that this isn’t a great place to ... more
Victorville Rising
With news that Sen. Harry Reid has thrown his support behind the $4 billion DesertXpress high-speed train from Las Vegas to Victorville, residents of Victorville ... more
Some local Muslims reflect on Obama’s Cairo Speech
President Obama’s June 4 speech in Cairo was widely hailed as a new start for the troubled relationship between the West and the Muslim world. more


NightlifeDedicated to Les Gents Que J’Aime(1 comment)
Finding a little perspective in bars far from home. more
NightlifeJohnny Bacon—“Bacon. Like the food!”
“People think that they know me but really have no idea. I like challenging cell-phone manufacturers to meet my business needs. I love driving around ... more
NightlifeThis will look good on the mantle
It’s always fun to have a souvenir from a venue about to shutter the doors. A few glasses of wine and peer pressure prompts a ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentCelebrating Roth
Thirty years after Kelly Roth & Dancers’ New York debut, the company will present a retrospective of dances and multimedia projects created by its choreographer ... more
Arts and EntertainmentChelsea Handler mouths off
Chelsea chats about her least-favorite celebs, lovin’ bad boys, and growing up with a Mormon mama. more
Arts and EntertainmentNeon of a different kind
It started as a laundromat, but when Peter Valentino and Lissette Napoleoni signed a lease at 1404 S. Third St. the idea was to change ... more
The consequences of nonsense
“I differentiate between the greatness of America in producing people who are completely crazy—and it’s a wonderful thing about us. But if we act upon ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSkipping school
Bryce Harper, the local baseball phenom, Sports Illustrated cover boy and national debate topic, will soon earn his GED and move on from the halls ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHow the other half lives(1 comment)
Idiot America—we’ve all been there. It’s that other country, overlaid on top of this one, that you hear on talk radio and Bill O’Reilly’s show, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPorn’s highs and lows
Scan the newspaper headlines, and you might think these are boom times for porn stars. Alas, it’s not all hip Hollywood premieres and political temperature-taking ... more


ScreenThe Proposal
Oh Sandra Bullock, why do you do this to yourself? Haven’t you moved past this yet? Hasn’t America? more
Tom Egoyan may be the only filmmaker in the world who would go to the trouble of inventing fictional technology for a movie that couldn’t ... more
ScreenEasy Virtue
Jessica Biel plays Larita, an American race-car driver and divorcée who’s just married into a highly starched English family and must do brittle battle with ... more

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From Russia with love
TasteMost of us know what matryoshka are, right? Well, they are those cute Russian nesting dolls as well as Las Vegas’ newest Russian restaurant.
A poetic poke at KFC
TasteKFC’s new un-fried chicken inspired poetry in one Weekly writer. Read it and eat.
Tasting with William Sherer
TasteAureole’s wine expert uncorks five fabulous bottles for the restaurant’s wine weekend.




CD Cover Box Elders
Mother’s Little Helpers would have been a more fitting band name, as this 14-track/30-minute fuzzy-pop barrage worships at the feet of the early Stones and Kinks.
CD Cover Moby
In Moby’s own words, his ninth studio album, Wait for Me, is “more mournful” than many of his previous efforts.
CD Cover Killswitch Engage
On KSE’s self-titled fifth album, vocalist Howard Jones sounds like he’s gone through a seriously rough patch, but wearing his bloody heart on his sleeve is exactly what he does ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 25, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Honey  Old Fashioned

It’s a drink so classic, so good that the glass had to take its name! First’s take on the Honey Old Fashioned ($7) lightens things up with sweet American Honey ...