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JUNE 25 - JULY 1
Best in PrintDesert flow
As the hip-hop scene continues to expand in Las Vegas, more budding rap artists are cutting their ... read article
Best in PrintTravel Issue: Tijuana charming
Going to see La Mona in the city beyond the clichés. read article
Best in PrintThe Travel Issue: It is this much space that gets us into trouble
Contemplating the big empty in Lathrop Wells with the mysterious Jimmy K read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionThe view from Ensign’s hair
Whereas the senator is deceitful, the Hair is steadfast. Whereas the man commits hypocrisy—in public, family-values warrior; in private, doing a married employee—the Hair remains ... more
The IntersectionThis week’s damn fine idea: Annex Neonopolis
Given Mayor Goodman’s announcement it’ll be impossible to build a new city hall, a recent visit to the mostly empty Neonopolis has put the obvious ... more
Suggestion box: Advice for the Las Vegas Review Journal
It is with the greatest interest that we’ve followed the saga of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s handling of a federal subpoena seeking to identify people ... more
The IntersectionAsk Dead Elvis: What’s the deal with Mayor Goodman’s showgirls?
Who are the lovely ladies who appear with Mayor Goodman at so many ribbon-cutting ceremonies and other promotional functions? more
The IntersectionRed-carpet blues(1 comment)
To many in the press, what started as the media using the Vegas clubs for celebrity material quickly twisted into the clubs using the media ... more
The IntersectionA tragic statistic
Crimes against children are on the rise, but let’s not be so quick to blame the recession. more
What’s up with What’s On?(2 comments)
Usually when newspapers or magazines are struggling financially, they look to cut back on costs. They may curtail their freelance budgets. Local entertainment magazine What’s ... more
The IntersectionLuPone’s showstopper(2 comments)
When the Broadway diva chastised a texter, it highlighted problems with Vegas audiences. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Blackjack never looked so good… er… cheap. more
The Help Desk
John Ensign admits to nine-month-long affair with campaign aide. However, he still hasn’t admitted to his nine-year-long screwing of the Nevada education system. Husband of ... more


NightlifeThe youthful rush of hookah
Now I’m grown up, and I’d long forgotten the feeling of being a princess inside a cloth palace … until I went to the Hookah ... more
NightlifeRoots rock
Mega-producer Jermaine Dupri returns to his DJ beginnings and talks about spinning at Privé, his new Ocean’s 7 project, why he loves Vegas and how ... more
NightlifeCulling the herd
If a drink is poured in a speakeasy, and there’s no one around to drink it, does the bar make any money? more
NightlifeT&T—tacos and tatts
Somewhere around our third trip through the Mischieve photo booth it occurred to me that the members of Team Hangover were doing exactly what T&T ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentCelebrating Roth
Thirty years after Kelly Roth & Dancers’ New York debut, the company will present a retrospective of dances and multimedia projects created by its choreographer ... more
What off-season?
Now in its third season, this breezy spy drama has developed a level of character complexity slowly over time, nicely complementing its standalone stories of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSmithsonian of smut
The Erotic Heritage Museum—a vast emporium of objects, movie posters, paintings and videos—is a sort of Smithsonian of smut. It disappoints in some ways, but ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNot just dickin’ around
In HBO’s Hung, Ray (played by Thomas Jane) is a divorced high school teacher who is inspired by a self-help seminar that encourages participants to ... more
Arts and EntertainmentChatting with Artie Lange
“I had a bad cocaine problem in the ’90s. The last five years have been heroin. Opiates and booze. I think I’ve gotten to the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBooks I couldn’t finish: Andre the Giant: A Legendary Life
In our new segment, “Books I Couldn’t Finish,” we’re going to tell you how many pages we got through and why we couldn’t get through ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBig, bad ping-pong bats?!
The world of table tennis is where the real action is. Think I’m kidding? Tagged as the “biggest, baddest throwdown,” the Las Vegas HardBat Classic, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentScenes from Jesse Nabers’ The Exciting Sounds of Al Martino photo exhibit opening-night reception
“I like the one where I’m giving the double salute. That’s my essay to the world. I think it says it all …” more
Arts and Entertainment60-second video critic
Move over Toni Basil and Ryan Pardey’s murderous Santa Claus; there’s a new contender for Vegas’ best-ever music video. more
Arts and EntertainmentPreparing for takeoff
For Las Vegas-based rock band Theory of Flight, playing music isn’t about success or accolades. “It’s about creating something you’re super proud of,” says lead ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHighDro by the numbers (June 17 at the Bunkhouse)
“I grew up in hard times. I got into reading, I got into reggae, and it completely changed what I felt. People always said, ‘Oh, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA few words about our new TV show,
The charge is simple but not necessarily easy: Capture the news and energy of Las Vegas and convey that information in a way that is ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLearning From Las Vegas, 2.0
The authors of the famous architectural book revisit Sin City. more


ScreenTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen delivers the “more”
You can say this for Michael Bay: He delivers what he promises. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is everything the original was and more. “More,” ... more
ScreenMy Sister’s Keeper
My Sister’s Keeper is a perfect example of a disease-of-the-week movie done wrong. more
ScreenA breezy trip
Faced with an uncertain future both terrifying and exciting, happy couple Burt and Verona set off on a trip to find a new place in ... more

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Making sense of Mezzo
TasteIt’s the chalkboard. Posted high on the wall next to the kitchen in a quaint and comfortable dining room, all Tuscan’d out with wooden chairs, smooth brown tones and a long wine bar, is the specials board, and everything on it is pretty damn good.




CD Cover Box Elders
Mother’s Little Helpers would have been a more fitting band name, as this 14-track/30-minute fuzzy-pop barrage worships at the feet of the early Stones and Kinks.
CD Cover Moby
In Moby’s own words, his ninth studio album, Wait for Me, is “more mournful” than many of his previous efforts.
CD Cover Killswitch Engage
On KSE’s self-titled fifth album, vocalist Howard Jones sounds like he’s gone through a seriously rough patch, but wearing his bloody heart on his sleeve is exactly what he does ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 25, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Honey  Old Fashioned

It’s a drink so classic, so good that the glass had to take its name! First’s take on the Honey Old Fashioned ($7) lightens things up with sweet American Honey ...