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JULY 9 - JULY 15
Best in PrintThe brainy behemoth
UFC heavyweight Frank Mir talks about breaking bones, being a father and getting massages in his underwear read article
Best in PrintLook before you leap
Sugar gliders are cute but high-maintenance pets read article
Best in PrintCocaine, porn stars and dissing Mariah
Weekly writer Richard Abowitz looks back at 10 years of Sin City memories read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionOur own Darwin Award nominee?
A North Las Vegas fire captain is indicted for torching his own ride. more
The IntersectionDog, caller(4 comments)
Our Q&A last week with Al the bounty hunter got quite a few people talking. Including the King of All Bounty Hunters himself, Duane “Dog” Chapman. more
Suggestion box: Save victimless crimes for later
You know it’s either election time or that some politician is looking to distract the public from their latest indiscretion when a strip club gets ... more
The IntersectionIt’s easy to have an idea; it’s harder to implement it’(1 comment)
The road to foreclosure hell is paved with ‘good faith.’ more
The IntersectionAn offer they will refuse
The battle over the mob museum heads to court more
The IntersectionDude hooks like a lady(1 comment)
Can male prostitutes legally work in Nevada? We may soon find out. more
The IntersectionBad things do come in threes(1 comment)
A trio of the worst ideas in Vegas right now. more
Ask Dead Elvis: Where was the gunfight for Viva Las Vegas filmed?
Was it at an Old West amusement park on the outskirts of Las Vegas? Was it Old Vegas Ranch? Maybe Spring Mountain Ranch? Dead Elvis answers. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Patriotic Donut! more


NightlifeSlushie solos
“No extra shots this time,” said the tourist from Austin, Texas, as he handed over his empty 100-ounce tube o’ booze to be refilled. more
NightlifeCatching airwaves
People from big cities around the world know Las Vegas clubs are some of the ultimate party spots. Thanks to a new dance-music radio show, ... more
NightlifeHats off to Tales(1 comment)
The big deal about the Big Easy’s big cocktail week   . more
Drink up! It’s safe to go back to Utah!
Nevadans can breathe a sigh of relief—Utah is coming around! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentPretty as a pin-up
Come a modern woman with flat hair and bare legs, leave a 1950s goddess fit to be painted on the side of a B-52 bomber. ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHoop dreaming
Las Vegas might never be home to an NBA team, but how many cities can say they’ve got their own NBA league—even if it is ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGuess who’s back in town?
It’s a match made in female-stereotype heaven almost 40 years ago: Charo and Vegas. The boobs, the big blond hair, the campy flirty cuchi-cuchi whatever—Charo ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA comeback America actually needs
Which is more inspiring? Overcoming cancer to win the Tour de France, or overcoming prolonged exposure to Matthew McConaughey to accomplish the same feat? more
Arts and EntertainmentKnow what’s funny?
Scan the list of big shots on the cover: Buck Henry, Al Jaffee, Bob Odenkirk, Paul Feig, Merrill Markoe, Larry Gelbart, Harold Ramis, David Sedaris, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe real biggest loser
Only with TV’s representation of the overweight so monumentally out of whack could the condescending new dramedy Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime, Sundays, 9 p.m.) be ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAdrift, together
For years, I’ve admired Leah Craig’s pastel-colored portraits and Janet Greek’s detailed psychological tableaus. Their styles and focuses are different, but they’ve both done figurative ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Weekly list: Reincarnations we’d like to see
From Lindsay Lohan to Jon and Kate Gosselin, we get Hindu on the ass of celebs and local figures in need of a second life. ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBlack Camaro’s Radio Capricorn
KDIG, Vegas’ newest “radio station,” plays all Black Camaro tunes, all the time… with the exception of amusing DJ banter, commercials for your local illegal ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHardcore partying?
FSP (somewhat) celebrates 25th (kinda) anniversary. more
Arts and EntertainmentJay-Z
Watching Fabolous and Ciara lumber through uninspiring sets before Jay-Z took the stage Friday meant that the night’s success rested on Jay-Z’s capable shoulders. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe art of fighting
Real ring magic can be found far from the limelight of arenas and TV cameras. more
Arts and EntertainmentAs Panic’s Ross and Urie part ways, we ask, what comes next?
A few possible outcomes to the Panic! at the Disco break-up announced on July 6. more


ScreenOddly uncomfortable
Before the first reel is over, Brüno assaults viewers—and given the country’s collective sensibility, “assault” is really the only possible word—with a Benny Hill-style cavalcade ... more
ScreenEvery Little Step
Every Little Step is a documentary about dancers auditioning for a Broadway show about dancers auditioning for a Broadway show. more
ScreenBlood: The Last Vampire
You know you’re in trouble when a movie opens with an expository crawl that begins in the 1500s and includes the phrase “centuries passed.” Things ... more

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Bosa truly is No. 1
TasteBosa 1 is a Vietnamese restaurant that doesn’t serve pho. But don’t let that deter you.




CD Cover Rob Thomas
For an album by someone with such a ubiquitous pop presence, Cradlesong is curiously flat.
CD Cover Levon Helm
Electric Dirt injects serious juice into the wide-ranging collection of originals and choice covers.
CD Cover Sunset Rubdown
As the project for which Krug composes almost single-handedly, Sunset Rubdown offers the truest barometer of his powers.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 9, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Tropic Thunder

 So, is it hot enough for you out there? Then why not slip into something refreshing and tropical that is just a tad more sophisticated than a mai tai or ...