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JULY 16 - JULY 22
Best in PrintMan vs. big food
The verdict’s in: NASCAR Cafe’s Bunyanesque entrees and not-so-subtle roller coaster are more fun with a sexy ... read article
Best in PrintOff-Strip with Stratta
Alex’s world-class chef loves to get away from the Strip and sample the Valley’s Mexican food read article
Best in PrintThe economy of dining remains strong
Because even in a recession, people will always be hungry read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionOverheard at the Regional Justice Center
The jury selection process: AKA Shameless excuses by absurd people. more
Hush, Mr. Hampton
Oy. It’s a given that John Ensign is unethical and should get gone. Right now, it’s poor, poor pitiful Doug Hampton who’s annoying the hell ... more
One station to rule them all
With all the fuss about the proposed $4 billion DesertXpress high-speed train traveling only as far as Victorville, no one has given much attention to ... more
The IntersectionCapital stooges
On a breezy day, Gov. Jim Gibbons stood on a grassy lakeside and announced, using sports metaphors and rambling vagaries, his resignation. For the good ... more
Hot, wired
At the time, Amaryllis was 17, Matt 28. The two began to post their sex life on a website available to subscribers for $19.95. Matt ... more
The IntersectionMusseling in
Native to the Ukraine, quagga mussels turned up in North America in the Great Lakes in 1989, and then eventually hitched a ride by boat ... more
In the age of miracles
It seems that trash is calf-high here in the homeless corridor on Main, jammed between tents and makeshift encampments. You find yourself wishing for a ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: Where are the museums?
“I just relocated from the Big Apple, and I’m used to museums. What have you got here?” more
The IntersectionRaise, fold … Or tweet(2 comments)
Twitter is giving new life to the World Series of Poker. more
The Help Desk
John Ensign’s parents paid $96,000 to his mistress and her family. You know, it’s like that old saying: The family that prays together pays together. ... more


NightlifeThe eyes have it
Nightlife’s newest secret weapon: Rogaine for eyelashes? more
NightlifePour soul(2 comments)
The Bartender’s Breakfast signifies the end of Tales 2009 and the end of a cocktail’s era. more
The next big sting: Planet Hollywood fined for tenant’s behavior(5 comments)
Oooooh, Privé, you’re in troooooooouble… $750,000 worth of trouble. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentFast-rising Dragons(1 comment)
Armed with catchy tunes and industry know-how, these Utah transplants are going places more
Arts and EntertainmentHappy birthday, Kid Meets Cougar
A chat with the local indie couple/band on the occasion of this week’s debut CD release show. more
Arts and EntertainmentDesign at the crossroads
Despite its reputation, Las Vegas is, visually speaking, a surpassingly orderly place. The Strip anchors the city’s fantasy side, and the low-slung subdivisions and shopping ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA shaky experience
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the first movie to showcase the D-Box Technologies’ Motion Code seats in Vegas, with about 25 minutes of ... more
Adding significant value?
What is the value of creativity? Not in some artsy-fartsy, theoretical way, either: What’s it worth in dollars? more
Arts and EntertainmentNice try, Lindsay
Breaking news: Lindsay Lohan is acting again. When was the last time that happened? more
Arts and EntertainmentDribbles and dreams
Nearly 3,000 have crammed themselves into the Cox Pavilion to watch basketball. At 2 p.m. On a Monday. In July. more
Arts and EntertainmentDigital integration
Now, with swift manipulation, not only can Sarah Palin’s face be seamlessly Photoshopped onto the body of Ted Nugent, but a photograph can also be ... more
Arts and EntertainmentVision quest
Komkrit Thusanapanont’s ethereal, light-infused landscape photography of the American Southwest proves that the most spectacular thing about Las Vegas is not the Strip but the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBee keeper
Joe Hynes and Amanda Kraft, as William Barfée and Olive Ostrovsky, are touching and funny, learning to flirt while showing off their spelling prowess. The ... more
Arts and EntertainmentScratching the surface
I spent $25 on Matthew Sweeney’s book The Lottery Wars: Long Odds, Fast Money, and the Battle Over an American Institution, but I wish I’d ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWednesday Comics No. 1
Can superheroes save the troubled newspaper industry? No, no, they can’t. But Superman, Batman and their bosses at DC Comics can at least help provide ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA Limp return(2 comments)
This week marks Limp Bizkit’s first U.S. performance with its original lineup in eight years, a free concert at the Pearl. It should come as ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFood: better with beer
Walk into nearly any California beer bar worth its hops, and you’ll see a No. 5 beckoning you at the bar. That 5, surrounded by ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTopless, yes; crazy, not so much
Crazy Horse’s stars are more natural than the silicone- and saline-sacked showgirls elsewhere. Otherwise, though, Crazy Horse Paris has not aged well. more


ScreenOddly uncomfortable
Before the first reel is over, Brüno assaults viewers—and given the country’s collective sensibility, “assault” is really the only possible word—with a Benny Hill-style cavalcade ... more
ScreenEvery Little Step
Every Little Step is a documentary about dancers auditioning for a Broadway show about dancers auditioning for a Broadway show. more
ScreenBlood: The Last Vampire
You know you’re in trouble when a movie opens with an expository crawl that begins in the 1500s and includes the phrase “centuries passed.” Things ... more

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Anatomy of a dish: The Fat Elvis
TasteFood can trigger all sorts of reactions in people—joy, disgust, curiosity, comfort. When RM Seafood Executive Chef Adam Sobel created the bacon, banana, chocolate-filled egg roll called The Fat Elvis he was going for nostalgia.




CD Cover Stellastarr
On Civilized, Stellastarr returns to its upbeat refrains, albeit on uneven footing.
CD Cover Son Volt
Alt-country legends Uncle Tupelo broke up in 1994. That’s an important fact to note, because nearly every review of Son Volt—the band fronted by ex-UT vocalist/guitarist Jay Farrar—still mentions Wilco.
CD Cover The Dead Weather
Quick survey: who wants to hear Chuck Berry shake maracas? Or Tom Morello blow a trombone? How about Eddie Van Halen at the xylophone? Great guitarists are best left … ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 16, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Creole Julep

The 2009 Official Cocktail of Tales of the Cocktail was served up amid a gentle, passing Louisiana rainstorm last Wednesday as founder Ann Tuennerman kicked off the event outside New ...