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Best in PrintCan criminals
Scavenging for recyclables is illegal, but for some, it’s their only income read article
Best in PrintA full-blown affair
Ensign’s indiscretion was more than a one-time deal read article
Best in PrintLose 20 pounds in two hours!
Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s how you can easily replicate those ridiculous “before and after” photos read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionYou gotta see this: the Hoover Dam Bypass
If you haven’t driven over the hoover Dam lately—and by driven we mean inched along at a torturously slow, environmentally damaging pace in traffic backed ... more
The IntersectionHistory Repeating
Summer of ’69 is really about the recession of ’09 and the need to keep visitors coming to FSE. Still, it tickles even our jaded ... more
The Help Desk
North Las Vegas police officer arrested on credit-card fraud charges also had expired driver’s license and was using a stolen license plate. Note to future ... more
The IntersectionKeep your sex away from our locals
When Dean Dupalo saw mobile billboards featuring half-naked girls in his neighborhood, he felt a line had been crossed. “I could understand them traveling up ... more
The IntersectionUp and down
Dreams of downtown revitalization die hard in this town. While cranes and crews dot the landscape at the center of town, the vibe Downtown gives ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: Strange things to do on the Strip?
“Where are the most bizarre places to hang out on the Strip? C’mon, you gotta have some suggestions. I don’t do normal.” more
When the fun stops
Somewhere along the way, all the reasons to love Sin City went bye-bye. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Ay, Pappy? more


NightlifeKeep ’em covered, ladies
Remember when strippers took off their clothes? Sapphire’s dancers are putting their tops back on and partying around town—but don’t expect to see them nekked ... more
NightlifeUnder pressure
The economy, the closures, citations, allegations … the heat is on! more
NightlifeParty? Job?? Tough one
Landing a job in this economy is reason enough to throw a party. Too bad one member of Team Hangover can’t stay awake late enough ... more
NightlifeQ&A with Karl Hyde of Underworld
Half of the electronic music duo weighs in on improvising onstage, inflatable props and having an app for that. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentGetting bigger
At 6-foot-7, 330 pounds, Vegas-by-way-of-California artist Big B is unquestionably the biggest (and perhaps only) rapper/punker/white-trash guru/Carey Hart flunky in the music industry. And he’s hungry. more
Arts and EntertainmentTweets from the road
A sampling from @afghanraiders … more
Arts and EntertainmentPlease, call it a comeback
From Talking Heads to Soundgarden to ABBA, we ask a couple of bands to get back in gear. more
Arts and EntertainmentMurals and more
Hispanic Museum’s Mix It Up serves up sweet street flavors. more
Arts and EntertainmentDrinking in Cashman’s charm … or lack thereof
How can Vegas’ baseball experience be so un-Vegas? more
Arts and EntertainmentHip-hop popping
They looked like warriors in vinyl trench coats. They danced like a hip-hop SWAT team. The Philippine All Stars have traveled 8,000 miles to defend ... more
Arts and EntertainmentQ&A with Karl Hyde of Underworld
Half of the electronic music duo weighs in on improvising onstage, inflatable props and having an app for that. more
Arts and EntertainmentDesert dancing
This weekend, CSN presents its 11th annual Dance in the Desert Festival, featuring local and visiting artists and companies representing a variety of disciplines and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAn Oscar party for everyone
Anger toward vandals? Exaggerated dismay at Obama’s Las Vegas remarks? His drinking habits? Oscar Goodman shares it all. Now, he’s letting us share in his ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA note from Forrest Griffin (Really)(1 comment)
Forrest Griffin wants you to know that his book is worth a read. And if you don’t like it, try not to bump into him ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPhilosophical differences
“Is Stephen Colbert America’s Socrates?” asks part of this book. And it answers, too. No. ” Socrates was never so cozy with Athens’ power brokers.” more
Arts and EntertainmentIn space, no one can hear you whine
We have soap operas set in hospitals, high schools and apartment complexes, but why not one set in space? That’s the question answered by Defying ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSave This Concert!(1 comment)
We never expected to see Leonard Cohen here, and we’re afraid we still might not. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe curse of Elvis(3 comments)
Forty years on, looking back at a Vegas residency that spawned a stigma. more
Arts and EntertainmentLove This Website!
Turning any media into print online seems a little off-kilter, but sometimes you just want to read a story. more


ScreenStaring into the void
Funny People finds longtime pal Judd Apatow teasing us with the notion of the “real” Adam Sandler. It’s a commendably dark portrait in many ways, ... more
ScreenValentino: The Last Emperor
The fawning documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor is so enamored of its subject, legendary Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani, that it almost loses sight of ... more
ScreenLonely Are the Brave
Often cited as Kirk Douglas’ favorite of his own films, Lonely Are the Brave gets a new chance to reach audiences with its debut on ... more

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Fishing for lunch
TasteUpdate your lunch with RM Seafood’s deliriously good Vidalia onion and bacon quiche, esteemed clam chowder and raw-bar done right.
Doing tea to a T
TasteWith a menu of around 100 different teas and shareable snacks or full meals, Tea Station fills the role of flavorful adventure and modern urban hangout without breaking a sweat.
Giant size me
TasteIt’s hard to explain why a single giant Cheeto is better than a handful of regular Cheetos. Trust us.




CD Cover Magnolia Electric Co.
Josephine is Magnolia Electric Co.’s darkest hour yet—a collection of sparse, down-tempo material that pays tribute to the group’s fallen comrade, in spirit if not in exact substance.
CD Cover The Vermin
Shake well, garnish with raised middle finger, serve chilled.
CD Cover Jordin Sparks
Other than her dedication to abstinence, Jordin Sparks isn’t known for anything in particular, and her musical identity is similarly indistinct.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 30, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Passion of Brasil

Cachaça, cachaça everywhere and not a drop left after 12 bartenders got through with it Friday at Leblon Cachaça’s Muddle, Shake and Pour cocktail competition. With only 20 minutes for ...