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Best in PrintThe ones who got away: They got out while the getting was good!
The nightlife scene has had to let a number of Las Vegans spread their wings and fly ... read article
Best in PrintLadies getting away with murder!
Team Hangover’s Jack Colton has a bone to pick with you, Vegas … read article
Best in PrintClub-speak: Nightlife sign language
Time to take a cue from the nightclubbing Deaf community. Here are a few signs to help ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionGrin and Luv-It(7 comments)
Does a Las Vegas neighborhood slam by The Office‘s Mindy Kaling really merit all the fuss (you know, the chick with the annoying voice)? Was ... more
The IntersectionWhat’s in a green name?
An environmentally friendly casino has to be a contradiction in terms. Giant buildings that welcome and encourage the extravagant, wasteful behavior of thousands of guests ... more
Suggestion Box: Hey UNLV…
Not a bad start, UNLV. We were glad to hear how much water you’ve saved by getting rid of the trays in the cafeteria, but ... more
The IntersectionRepresentin’!(2 comments)
Who are the best ambassadors for Las Vegas right now? more
The IntersectionKen Miller is torn
How should he feel about the guy who punished his bank with fish and urine? more
The IntersectionOh, and Jim Gibbons, too!
Harry Reid calls plans to dump California trash in Winnemucca a “threat to Nevada’s dignity.” Could there be others? more
The IntersectionFish Story(5 comments)
Rick Lax’s dream of making out with dolphins finally comes true for a mere $550. more
Ask Dead Elvis: When was the first killing in Southern Nevada?
Elvis likes this question because it reminds people that there was a time when Las Vegas was a Wild West city, before the first Target ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Oh, the irony. more
The IntersectionBeloved Vegas institutions that second-tier actresses can safely attack*
In case you were glancing into a different teacup when this tempest flared: On Craig Ferguson’s late-night show, Mindy Kaling, of The Office, unwisely trashed ... more


NightlifeBeating bottle service to the punch
Downtown Cocktail Room’s new menu takes a back-to-basics approach. more
NightlifeThe Southeast Cocktail
Revelations in celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month! more
NightlifeStarting from scratch
Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Well, now you can be. more
NightlifeHazy details(2 comments)
It’s no surprise that Light Group is keeping mum on the goings-on at CityCenter’s Aria Resort. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentNew time, same old Leno(2 comments)
Anyone who loved Leno on Tonight will likely continue to love him here, but extending the host’s brand of middle-of-the-road, obvious comedy and fawning celebrity ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHanging with the phans
Even in a recession, the first-ever Phantom convention was a moment true fans could not miss. more
Arts and EntertainmentPhantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular
The show has survived the collapse of the Broadway West model, a nightclub revolution that pulled people’s money away from showrooms and, now, the recession. more
Arts and EntertainmentLost along the way (1 comment)
Unlike The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol won’t ruffle feathers, let alone cause a “delicious scandal.” more
Arts and EntertainmentBeautiful integration
12 + 7 doesn’t reveal much—the exhibition plays its cards close to its chest, although we appear to be getting one helluva public art collection. more
Arts and EntertainmentA night with Karen O seven years in the making (1 comment)
Seven years after an intoxicating first experience with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spencer Patterson finds a band that’s not truly there. more
Arts and EntertainmentHey, No Age, stop following me around!
Why is an LA noise-pop duo stalking a Weekly editor? more
Arts and EntertainmentNeon Reverb beefs up the bottom line
After losing some $5,000 in the spring, Neon Reverb came out almost even this time, in spite of our weak-ass economy. more
Arts and EntertainmentGetting to know bluesman Glenn Patrik
When Glenn Patrik hits the stage at the Las Vegas Blues Festival on Saturday, he’ll bring with him 40 years of Kansas City, Kansas-bred, road-tested, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCharles Schulz meets abstract art
Look at this piece, “EP V,” from the exhibit Ellsworth Peanuts, by local art collective Ripper Jordan. It’s abstract, (just like real art!), but what ... more
Arts and EntertainmentJourney to the center of sci-fi
Add 50 movie theater seats to a comic book and memorabilia store and you have the city’s unlikeliest movie theater. Who wants to catch a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentEight things that would’ve been even funnier had I been stoned at Atlas Theatre’s production of “Reefer Madness”
Adorable, drooling pit bulls are less adorable when they’re not on the leash and we’re not stoned. more


ScreenThor at the Bus Stop
Despite the mystical overtones, Thor isn’t a supernatural movie. more
ScreenCold Souls
Cold Souls owes a lot to Charlie Kaufman’s work, particularly Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but director Sophie Barthes’ film ... more
ScreenThe September Issue
Legendary Vouge editor Anna Wintour inspired Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, but The September Issue shows she isn’t quite as cruel as ... more
This is what happens when you combine sci-fi and dance. more

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Proper pastrami
TasteWhat survive in today’s idiom of Ashkenaz—or Eastern European Jewish—foods are pastrami, corned beef and matzo ball soup, although credible versions are hard to find, even in Vegas. See how Tommy Pastrami matches up.
Johnny McGuire's: Serving up fatty subs
TasteAt the new Town Square sandwich shop the motto is “Health Food Sucks!” and the subs come big and beefy.
Checking in on checking out
Unless the food really sucks, inevitably the worst part of a dining experience is waiting for the bill.




CD Cover Monsters of Folk
They call their supergroup Monsters of Folk—“they” being Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, She & Him’s M. Ward and producer Mike Mogis - but they are ...
CD Cover Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam has nothing left to prove, and that can be liberating. After you’ve sold millions of albums and essentially defined an entire movement, you can afford to do whatever ...
CD Cover Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
The concept—moony singer-songwriter records intimate series of duets with Page 1 starlet.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 23, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Southeast Cocktail

Daring, in the final days of Bourbon Heritage Month, to dabble in food and spirits pairing, I trust my lunch to John DuPont, who paired a few of his signature ...