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Best in PrintThin gray man
Perception: Rory Reid has a head for policy and a personality for, um, policy. Reality: Papa Love ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionWhat does the mayor pray for at his annual prayer breakfast?
For once, a list about Oscar Goodman that makes no mention of martinis. No, really. more
The IntersectionA guy totally wrote this item about Hooters
The proud bastion of cleavage power is in serious financial trouble. more
The IntersectionA death draws attention to homeless panhandling on the Strip
A few months ago, the corner of the Strip and Flamingo turned into the scene of a beating, and ultimately a murder. more
The IntersectionThe notorious Green Door sex club angles for a TV series(1 comment)
Three words the Green Door anticipates hearing beginning in 2010: “Lights, camera, action.” more
The IntersectionFEEEED ME! Getting a nostalgic thrill from a new slot machine
Rick Lax goes gaga over a Little Shop of Horrors slot machine. However, the man-eating Venus flytrap is only in the game and he makes ... more
The Help Desk
Unemployment rate in Clark County drops from 13.9 percent to 13 percent. Thanks to the county reclassifying “alcoholic” as a job title. After announcing that ... more
Suggestion Box: Human spay/neuter law?(2 comments)
What, we’re just going to neuter dogs and cats? We can’t extend the reach of this thing to, say, people? more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Donnie and Caesar? more


NightlifeB.B. King’s has Vegas singing the blues—and loving it(1 comment)
B.B. King’s amply fills this gaping hole in the nightlife scene as the place for the “grown and sexy” as part restaurant, part concert venue ... more
NightlifeAll about Eve. The Nightclub.(1 comment)
Eva Longoria Parker knows sexy. And she’s bringing it to CityCenter late December with Eve Nightclub. more
NightlifeDJ Hero” reviewed… by actual DJs!(3 comments)
Four professionals weigh in on a game that’s got the DJing world nervous. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentBack where it began
Newish local band The Rooks lands Griffin residency. more
Arts and EntertainmentZombie love
ZA-AHM-bie, ZA-AHM-bie, ZA-AHM-bie! more
Arts and EntertainmentNabokov’s last, unfinished novel is finally published(1 comment)
For fans and scholars of Vladimir Nabokov, these ghostly fragments are a godsend. more
Arts and EntertainmentNo Comedy Fest for you!
Awww. The annual Comedy Festival isn’t happening. We programmed our own fantasy comedy bash instead … more


ScreenOld Dog days(1 comment)
What other over-the-hill movie stars could find themselves in similarly strained situations? The Weekly finds out. more
ScreenA pretty fantastic Fox
Wes Anderson makes a very Wes Anderson-y animated film. more
ScreenNinja Assassin
If you like ninjas who assassinate people, then, well, you’ll probably find something to like in this movie. more

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The well-hidden ‘snacks’ of Los Antojos
TasteMexican standout Los Antojos is finally emerging from 10 years of relative obscurity.




CD Cover Rakim
The hip-hop trailblazer's independently released The Seventh Seal is well worth the 10-year wait.
CD Cover Lady Gaga
Arguably, 2009 has been the year of Lady Gaga.
CD Cover Them Crooked Vultures
Put John Paul Jones, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl in a band together, and you’re bound to grab people’s attention.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Nov 25, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Diddy Dirty Money

Surprise! Diddy, the self-proclaimed “black Sinatra,” is also a self-styled mixologist. In town to promote his forthcoming concept album Last Train to Paris, as well as to negotiate a possible ...