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Best in Print‘Scared and vulnerable’
For Sabin Orr, having a stroke at age 33 was only the beginning of a nightmarish slog ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionAdvertising the head coach job in the R-J. Seriously.(2 comments)
What, was Cqraigslist full? more
The Weekly Quote Quiz
Who said it? more
Suggestion Box: Stay silent, John Ensign
It’s just better that way. Really. more
The IntersectionOn spaying/neutering gerbils
Will the new Las Vegas city ordinance requiring that all cats and dogs be spayed or neutered apply to other household pets? more
It’s not our fault—really!
Just for once, can’t Las Vegas NOT be somehow involved in the latest scandals? more
The IntersectionNotes on a juggernaut
A Weekly editor takes an eye-opening tour of CityCenter. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
It’s greener this way. more
The IntersectionUniform response
City Center’s uniforms are Star Wars inspired. Really. more
The IntersectionSteve Wynn is rooting for CityCenter?(4 comments)
“To compare CityCenter to Mirage is a ridiculous non sequitur,” Steve Wynn shouts. more


NightlifeGrinder Girl: Fulvia Sanchez
You know her. You love her. Time to get to know the girl behind the grinder. more
NightlifePilgrim’s Pride: Beer pong, drag queens and porn stars
The question isn’t so much what would Xania do to win at beer pong as it is what wouldn’t she do. (Hint: Nice bra!) more
NightlifeTeam Hangover Report: That’s why the lady is a tramp(1 comment)
Looks like someone didn’t get her fill on Thanksgiving. A frisky blonde in a short skirt apparently craved some more stuffing while at a club. more
NightlifeNite bite: Movember moustache party
Notice an inordinate number of sweet, Cochese-esque ’staches walking around last month? You’re not alone. more
NightlifeHave we been here before? Deja Vu Erotic Ultralounge
Goodbye Seamless Gentlemen’s Club, hello Déjà Vu. more
NightlifeSo hot it’s Smokin’! A Weekly exclusive interview(3 comments)
The space that formerly housed Venus and Vivid is at last to re-open as Smokin’ Hot Aces. Or so we hope. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTrifecta’s “minUMENTAL” showcases mini art, small pricetags
Chestnuts are roasting and Trifecta Gallery’s minUMENTAL Invitational is bringing small art at small prices. more
Arts and EntertainmentNote to Vegas: Stop playing it safe
Why saving Las Vegas will come down to entertainment that’s both cheap and essential. more
Arts and EntertainmentArmed with new songs and a new lineup, the (Action) Cat is back
They say that cats have nine lives, and in action cat’s case, they at least have two. more
Arts and EntertainmentOne wondrous night with Stevie Wonder
I got the distinct feeling we were in for an unusual night of music. I was right. more
Arts and EntertainmentNaked Lunch” at 50(1 comment)
Naked Lunch still delivers the gut-grabbing jolt of the autoerotic hangings that punctuate its pages. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe inescapable Oprah
Oprah will still be with us everywhere, the earth’s third most common element, right after oxygen and silicon. more
Arts and EntertainmentDerek Haas’ antihero Columbus is likable in spite of himself
Columbus is just the latest factor in Haas’ master plan: to craft characters with a wretchedness so refined, so incorrigible and so sincere that it’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLouder than puppets: A Morrissey vs. Metallica lyrical quiz
“As I live and breathe, you have killed me/You have killed me/I have lost the will to live/Simply nothing more to give.” Wait, that’s not ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFive country concerts worth the ride during NFR
Saddle up! Josh Bell recommends the best shows to check out during the rodeo. more
Arts and EntertainmentReptilian fascination(1 comment)
Something about reptiles goes right to that spot between the shoulder blades where shivers—of fascination, of dread—are set loose. more


ScreenO Brothers, where art thou?
You’ll probably feel like you’ve seen this remake before, even if you haven’t. more
ScreenEverybody’s Fine
Spoiler alert: Everybody’s Fine. more
ScreenThe horror of puns
We love puns. more

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TasteDry-aged for 28 days with that perfect char, Envy’s steaks taste like they should.




CD Cover Nirvana
Nirvana was the most important band in the world in 1992.
CD Cover Radiohead
Ratings apply to “new” material only; we all know how good the originals are.
CD Cover Big Star
Keep an Eye on the Sky is the grail for Big Star diehards.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 3, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Gentleman’s Breakfast

A tribute to Salvatore Calabrese (father of the now-legendary “Breakfast Martini” in London, 2000), Ellis’ own “breakfast in a glass” features bacon-washed Tuaca—washing, in this case, a process by which ...