Armed with new songs and a new lineup, the (Action) Cat is back

Action Cat
Photo: Corlene Byrd

They say that cats have nine lives, and in Action Cat’s case, they at least have two.

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Action Cat

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    Red Herring
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    A Series of Sleepy Thoughts

More on Action Cat

Last Friday’s show at the Bunkhouse was the local indie-pop band’s third performance after a year-long hiatus—following the departure of three original members. While Shawn Danley and Marites Velasquez remain out of the picture, Jesse Fitts (formerly of Curl Up and Die) continues to be involved, despite attending school in Boston. As he did Friday night, Fitts plans on performing with the band when in town, and thanks to modern technology, he’s able to contribute to the songwriting process. “He’ll go, ‘Here’s a new song,’ and send it to me through e-mail,” explains lead vocalist Isaac Fitts.

When Jesse Fitts isn’t available, new members Derek Brown (bass) and Jordan Pfleuger of I Am the Thief (drums) enable the band to continue playing live. As for the future, Action Cat is currently working on its first full-length album, with an eye to an early 2010 release. Isaac Fitts credits the “more melodic,” material for reviving the band. “We wanted to play our new songs,” he says.


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