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October 21-October 27
Best in PrintMeet the Freakin’ Frog’s freakin’ great bartender
Jack Belden is an organic fit at Las Vegas’ illustrious bar read article
Best in PrintGreat beer experiences
At these places, the extra touches make the difference. read article
Best in PrintHouse by Craigslist
With the right eye and a bit of patience, Eileen Merten Lorraine has turned cast-offs into chic decor read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionHome brewer Eric Villareal is an engineer by day—and a confessed beer geek by night
This home brewer puts out an amazing product with only about $100 worth of equipment. more
The IntersectionNine of our favorite local brews
Support your local economy by drinking these locally made brews. more
The IntersectionA look at upcoming beer-related events in Southern Nevada
Tastings, fundraisers and more! more
The IntersectionBypassing reality (and the Hoover Dam)
The Mike O’Callahan-Pat Tillman Bridge may mean traffic headaches for Boulder City, but no one we talked to gives a crap more
The IntersectionFresh & Easy is closing stores; why can’t it be the payday lenders?
Here are some other overexposed phenomena that should be scaled back. more
The IntersectionWalleska EcoChicc stresses sustainability in all its products
Walleska Tepping wants to turn your pop tab into a handbag. more
The IntersectionLas Vegas will soon lose one of its true unsung heroes to ALS
Bob Forbuss is known for remaining cool and steady in virtually any situation. more
The IntersectionThe Cosmopolitan’s writing on the wall
The new resort’s underground art installation isn’t geared toward mass appeal, and that’s the best part more
Notes from BlogWorld
Rick Lax on tweeters, texters and stereotypes more
The IntersectionThinking about fro-yo, Hispanics that look more Asian and more!
Also, who benefits from moving the Gift of Lights? (Spoiler: No one.) more
The IntersectionTransforming T-shirts
Wanna get cut? XXXL shirts aren’t just for sleepwear anymore. more
The IntersectionWhat did you want to be when you grew up?
The Weekly digs deep. more
The IntersectionThe ghetto blaster returns in a new guise
Grandma’s luggage has never been so badass. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Erik Chudy more
Dream Zone: ‘my mother had a lion’
When the lion started to get up, I started running! more


NightlifeVive la France! Bob Sinclar played to a keen crowd at Haze
Who the f—k is Bob Sinclar? more
NightlifeHot Spots: T-Pain, beer pong, early Halloween parties and continued Jersey-fication
A plethora of parties for all palates this week! more
NightlifeA frightful libation
What’s more frightening? This cocktail or haunted houses? more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: Deadmau5 recap, new all-ages venue, ‘Fallout’ party
Mau5 in the hou5e, Wayne Newton parties with Vampire Weekend, and DJing goes to the dogs. more
NightlifeAfter years away, Genever is back at the bar
Genever is its own category of spirit and it hasn’t hit American soil since Prohibition, before which it had apparently dominated cocktail culture. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentChatting with Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler
Interpol’s Daniel Kessler discusses Las Vegas, missing Matador at 21 and the band’s recent album and tour. more
Arts and EntertainmentDammit, Onyx! Why’d you make us wait this long for ‘Rocky Horror’?
it’s still refreshing to watch a performance that honestly aims to entertain its audience. more
Arts and EntertainmentAlice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon span two decades of heavy
Representing three significant movements in hard rock over the last two decades, Alice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon joined forces for the final night of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentKings of Leon’s fifth LP might be its most radical departure yet
With each new album, Kings of Leon isn’t afraid to nudge its sound into uncharted territory more
Arts and EntertainmentMad about Mid Mod
Thank you, Don and Betty Draper. Seriously. more
Arts and EntertainmentMy weekend in and among the world of ‘Off the Strip’
Now in its second year, this mini-festival of performance and video work is unpredictable, ambitious and raw, beautifully reflecting in one fell swoop the joy ... more
Arts and EntertainmentKid Meets Cougar, take two
The local electro-dance duo is taking a hiatus. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to watch and where to go this week
We’ve got Glee tackling Rocky Horror and Judge Judy being, well, Judge Judy. more
Arts and EntertainmentChecklist: Anastasia Synn, needle impaler/light bulb eater/fire breather
What is this performer’s preferred brand of staple? more


ScreenLost Boy’ Corey Feldman is back!
Corey Feldman hosts the Lost Boys Ball at the House of Blues. more
ScreenHereafter’ is the world’s dullest meditation on the afterlife
Hereafter touts its own profundity at every turn, from its muted color palette to its maudlin score to its cheap use of real-life disasters as ... more
ScreenStone,’ starring De Niro, Norton and Jovovich, is unusually bracing
Not that there’s some big twist or anything—you just wouldn’t expect this kind of high-concept, star-driven American film to be so relentlessly interior. more
ScreenEducation doc ‘Waiting for Superman’ fuels outrage
“Superman” successfully jerks your tears and fuels your outrage, but it’s more a recruiting tool than a movie. more
ScreenYou Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger’ will delight Woody Allen fans
The movie’s story of romantic frustration among upper-class Londoners is hardly original, but it finds Allen ruminating seriously on aging and regret. more
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What we're drinking
TasteWhen it comes to beer, the Weekly staff has varied tastes.
The Palms cafe brings back Coastal memories
Could the food at George Maloof’s coffee shop live up to the Gold Coast legend in Brock Radke’s mind?
Raku’s 15-course meal plays out like a beautiful symphony
TasteKaiseki perfection for under $150.




CD Cover Kings of Leon's fifth LP might be its most radical departure yet
With each new album, Kings of Leon isn’t afraid to nudge its sound into uncharted territory
CD Cover Sufjan Stevens' CD 'The Age of Adz' is a haphazard patchwork of ...
Disney-reminiscent orchestration and angelic harmonic trills skate around electronic belches, robotic programming and primitive synth-pop.
CD Cover 'Clapton' is a living legend puttering about on new album
Eric Clapton has nothing left to prove, so there isn’t anything wrong with his coasting through a bunch of old blues and jazz tunes.

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  • Cirque Du Soleil Auditions
  • Neon Reverb Cover Shoot
  • Le Reve: Diving the Dream
  • Kaba Modern at Hip Hop International

Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 21, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

A frightful libation

Looking for a cocktail to steel your nerves before entering Fright Dome? Rock & Rita’s, also at Circus Circus, is offering the Thriller, a mix of vodka, red vermouth, blood-orange ...