2011 Weekly Awards Readers' Choice

[Readers' Choice]

Best New Club: Hyde Bellagio

Hyde Bellagio’s Candy Carnival redefines having fun on a school night.

Hyde is at once elegant and cozy (its capacity is little more than 700 and it covers less than a quarter of the acreage at Tao). Hyde serves quickie food delights until 11 p.m., when the club starts thumping as a high-octane ultra lounge. By then, you should have noticed the view of the Bellagio’s famed water show. Any lounge dweller would agree, it’s all pretty spectacular. Bellagio, 693-8700. Lounge: nightly, 5 p.m.; club: Tue, Fri and Sat; 10 p.m.-4 a.m.

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