[Booze Issue 2013]

Drink better: Products for people who like booze

    • Beer Belt

      From the makers of the Double Beer Bong comes the Beer Belt, which amounts to a waterproof nylon holster (who are we kidding; it’s a fanny pack) for your sixer of Miller High Life. It even has pockets to add convenience to your portable party. $19.99, thebeerbelt.com

    • Cocktail Stencils

      Serving your ladyfriend a martini is cool, but serving her a martini stenciled with a winky face is what the Most Interesting Man in the World would do. If emoticons aren’t your thing, this set of six also comes with a swirl, star, leaf and heart. $7.95, barsupplies.com

    • Metal Bendy Straws

      With eight stainless steel straws, you’re ready for the Sloe Gin Fizz party of the century. They’re so much better for the environment than their plastic inspiration, and they’ll make you feel like a kid again while you swill like a grown-up. $24, westelm.com

    • Mini Cocktails Shot Glasses

      Whether you want to class up that shot of Jäger or savor a few sips of the beverage that matches the silhouette, these minis are freaking adorable. Each holds about an ounce, so having five “glasses” of wine just got way less trashy. $20, dcigift.com

    • Opie Green Wine Opener

      Blended from recycled wood and plastic, Opie Green is at your service. His beard is designed for no-slip gripping, and his corkscrew (we’re totally blushing) has anti-friction coating so your bottle popping goes off without a hitch. $9.99, bwtc.com

    • Death Star Ice Mold

      This silicone sphere mold is also touted for chocolate and soap making, but ice is what you want floating in your Maker’s. The sphere will melt just right, and it won’t destroy any planets. See also: Millennium Falcon bottle opener. $9.99, thinkgeek.com

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