[Summer Guide 2016]

Grill ’em all: Experiment with these unlikely barbecue candidates


If you’re looking to liven up the family picnic this summer, any of these strange items—all with multiple recipes and preparations you can easily Google—might do the trick. Full disclosure: I didn’t actually try any of these, mostly because I’m too lazy to clean my grill.

Bananas Backyard bananas Foster sounds good. So do all the other intriguing preparations to rework dessert.

Avocados Where has grilled guacamole been all your life? If you’re leery of that, just pit and halve one, briefly grill and fill the crater with salsa.

Oysters and clams Once the shells pop, they’re done.

Lemons and limes Squeeze into oysters and cocktails, or over fish and salads.

Tofu A smoky flavor profile does it good. Use the firm kind.

Sweet potatoes Someone I knew once wedged and grilled them for delicious alt-fries.

Fruit kabobs Watermelons, pineapples and firm peaches are preferred. Due to their size, grapes and berries are not.

Romaine lettuce Lightly charred salad FTW.

Octopus This Mediterranean fave results in a less rubbery squid, though remember to tenderize, dry it out and marinate beforehand.

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