A unique festival formula makes the Emerge Music + Impact Conference a must-attend event


It’s a music fan’s dream: seeing the next Nirvana or Beyoncé up close in a small room, before the rest of the world has caught on. But how to make it happen? If you don’t have unlimited time and money, the odds aren’t good. Unless … someone else with insider info—or better yet, a group of such someones—did the advanced scouting for you, brought 100 quality contenders to one town and staged them over three days for a ticket price around $200. Enter the Emerge Music + Impact Conference. Blending dynamic music and insightful spoken content—interwoven on the same stages on and around the Las Vegas Strip—the uniquely designed Emerge debuts in mid-November. Which means by year’s end, you could have a dozen or more new favorite bands, and by next year you could be sharing stories with your friends about seeing them first.

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