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The Puzzle Issue: Test your Vegas knowledge with a crossword, a word search and other brain twisters

Illustration: Mario Zucca

You asked for puzzles, you got ‘em!

While we don’t always have space to run a crossword in each week’s print edition of Las Vegas Weekly, we know many of you love puzzles (judging from your emails and phone calls), so we’ve bundled together several different types in our first-ever Puzzle Issue this week.

Grab a copy on newstands now and fill in all the blanks, or download the versions here and work on them when your bosses aren’t watching.

Happy puzzling!

Word Search

1. Battle born 2. Burro 3. Jerry Tarkanian 4. Go Knights go 5. Blackjack 6. Bugsy Siegel 7. Haboob 8. Sage grouse 9. Slots 10. Paiute 11. Cosmopolitan 12. Imagine Dragons 13. Howard Hughes 14. Las Vegas Aces 15. Oscar Goodman 16. Siegfried and Roy 17. Poker 18. Aria 19. Rock climbing 20. El Cortez 21. Boulder Highway 22. The Flamingo 23. Neon Museum 24. Fremont Street 25. Atomic Liquors 26. The Killers 27. Sin City 28. Showgirls 29. Absinthe 30. Springs Preserve 31. Chinatown 32. Buffet 33. McCarran International Airport 34. Hoover Dam 35. Cirque du Soleil 36. Colorado River 37. Peppermill 38. Cactus 39. Sam's Town 40. Crystal Palace 41. David Copperfield 42. Commercial Center 43. Bonnie Springs

A Night on the Noun

Instructions: Inspired by the classic Mad Libs story games, we came up with our very own Las Vegas Weekly brand party game and general time waster.

Here's how to play: One player will get the rest of the group to fill in the blanks according to the listed word type. No peeking! Once complete, the other players will read the full story aloud to much hilarity. This game is so (adjective)!

Cheat Sheet: We know it’s been a long time since you’ve studied grammar, so there’s no shame in a little reminder.

• Verb: An action word (e.g. drink, gamble, win)

• Noun: An object (e.g. money, lion, clown)

• Adjective: A descriptor (e.g. wild, lonely, naive)

• Adverb: Describes how something is done (e.g. quickly, lazily)

• Singular: One (e.g. one dollar)

• Plural: More than one (e.g. dolla dolla bills, ya’ll)

• Exclamation!: What you yell when you stub your toe (e.g. Gadzooks! Egads! Yowzers!)

Las Vegas Party Search

Can you find all of these Vegas icons?

1. Marshmello 2. Celine Dion 3. The Hangover 4. Liberace 5. Golden Knights 6. Mike Tyson 7. Elvis 8. DJ Pauly D 9. Carrot Top 10. Crazy Girls 11. Evel Knievel 12. “Seven Magic Mountains” 13. Blue Man Group 14. Flavor Flav 15. Terry Fator 16. Oscar Goodman 17. Penn & Teller 18. Raiders 19. The Rat Pack



  • 2 This cultural center features 47 bells in its Carillon tower. (Fun fact: The bells weigh 29,500 pounds.)
  • 3 This Cirque du Soleil show debuted in Las Vegas and was the troupe's first permanent installation.
  • 7 Name for the list of people barred from entering Nevada gaming establishments.
  • 9 Meaning of Nevada in Spanish.
  • 11 Brothers who turned their 2001 $2 million investment in UFC into a 2016 $4 billion acquisition, the largest transaction in professional sports history.
  • 12 The light from this landmark can be seen by aircraft 270 miles away.
  • 13 Desert in which Las Vegas is located. (Hint: It's the smallest desert in America.)
  • 14 Taller than the Bellagio, shorter than the Wynn, each cable on this attraction can hold the weight of 100 elephants.
  • 18 These are noticeably absent from Las Vegas casinos.
  • 19 Housed in the former courthouse where portions of the Kefauver Hearings took place.
  • 21 This casino-hotel will be rebranded as Virgin Hotels Las Vegas in 2020 after being purchased earlier this year by billionaire Richard Branson.
  • 24 This 190 million-year-old formation is composed of lithified sand dunes and gets its color from iron oxide, the same compound that gives blood and rust their coloring.
  • 25 Mammoths, lions and camels once roamed along wetlands here, and their fossils still remain.
  • 26 Government agency that established Area 51 to develop and test covert military projects.
  • 27 Nevada Day is always celebrated on this day of the week.
  • 28 Artist who created the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. (Unfortunate fact: She never copyrighted the logo.)
  • 29 Lavish $107 million, 75,000 square-foot-club at Caesars Palace.
  • 34 Downtown Container Park feature that spews fire to the musical beat of a 4,000-watt sound system.
  • 35 Casino that features a portion of the Berlin Wall in a bathroom.
  • 42 Aquatic spectacle immortalized in "Ocean's Eleven."
  • 43 Only fully-nude strip club in Southern Nevada where alcohol is allowed.
  • 46 First Latina U.S. senator.
  • 47 Past exhibitions in this art space have included Picasso: Creatures and Creativity, Faberge Revealed and Warhol Out West.
  • 48 In the 1940s and 1950s, movie stars and socialites from California came in droves to North Las Vegas' Kiel Ranch for this.
  • 50 This city was constructed in the early 1930s to house 5,000 workers building the Hoover Dam.
  • 51 Fremont Street earned this nickname because of all the neon signs it featured.
  • 53 Las Vegas is known as this state's ninth island because of the large number of residents who visit and relocate here.
  • 54 With more than 1,000 shows at the Colosseum under her belt, this diva is scheduled to end her long-running Las Vegas residency in June.
  • 55 When erected outside of the Pioneer Club, it was the largest mechanical sign in the world.
  • 56 He performed 636 consecutive, sold-out shows at the Las Vegas Hilton between 1969 and 1976.
  • 57 First desegregated hotel-casino in the United States.
  • 58 When it opened in April 2005, this $2.7 billion resort was the most expensive casino-hotel in the world.



  • 1 Descendants of the Paleo-Indian people who first inhabited Southern Nevada more than 12,000 years ago.
  • 2 First casino on the Strip to hire female card dealers.
  • 4 Legalized in Nevada in 1869, then outlawed in 1910, then legalized again in 1931.
  • 5 Man known as Mr. Las Vegas.
  • 6 The other Las Vegas is located in this state.
  • 8 Most popular ink color for daubers used by Las Vegas bingo players, according to suppliers.
  • 10 Owner of 85 percent of the land in Nevada.
  • 15 The wine cellar at this resort features more than 3,000 bottles worth a total of more than $3 million.
  • 16 Their colors are steel gray, gold, red and black.
  • 17 Known as a sky island because of its high el evation and isolation from the desert lowlands.
  • 20 This 14,393 square-foot residence on Shirley Street was the part-time home of Mr. Showmanship, from the mid-1970s until his death in 1987.
  • 22 Oldest continuously operating hotel and casino in Las Vegas. (Hint: It opened in 1906 as Hotel Nevada.)
  • 23 The first nuclear bomb tested at the Nevada Test Site was detonated here on Jan. 27, 1951. The military conducted 13 more atmospheric tests and five underground nuclear tests at this location.
  • 30 At 1,149 feet, the tallest observation tower in the United States and the second-tallest free-standing structure west of the Mississippi River.
  • 31 Longest morse code telegram ever sent. (Hint: The transmission occurred in 1864 and was sent from Carson City to Washington, D.C.)
  • 32 O-Dice Club/ First casino to open on Highway 91, the future Las Vegas Strip.
  • 33 Rita Hayworth, Patty Duke, Darryl Strawberry and Britney Spears were married here.
  • 36 Hotel imploded in November 1996 to make way for the Venetian.
  • 37 One 52-card deck plus one joker is used for this casino game.
  • 38 Spanish translation for Las Vegas.
  • 39 This influential U.S. senator from Nevada was an amateur middle weight boxer and U.S. Capitol police officer before entering politics.
  • 40 Longest-running show in Vegas history.
  • 41 The dust of this chemical element gives the Mirage's iconic windows their coloring.
  • 44 UNLV students adopted this name and mascot in the 1950s to reflect their desire to break free from UNR.
  • 45 Nevada Legislature meets here.
  • 49 Thomas/ The ruins of this Old West town sit at the bottom of Lake Mead.
  • 52 Original “Real World: Las Vegas” that aired in 2002 was filmed at this casino-hotel.

Click here for the solutions to all the puzzles.

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