These items were the most popular at Las Vegas pot dispensaries in 2018

An exterior view of the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace during a dispensary bus tour sponsored by the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association Friday, April 20, 2018.
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Legal recreational marijuana sales in Nevada logged its first full calendar year in 2018, giving rise to more dispensaries, new products and skyrocketing sales.

Across Las Vegas, flower remained the top seller as a whole, accounting for nearly 50 percent of all of the estimated over $700 million in marijuana sales, according to the Nevada Dispensary Association.

But for the first time, some dispensaries reported vaporized pot products outsold their flower counterparts.

“Many people are looking for something that is discreet and easy to use,” said Mike Pizzo, spokesman for Reef Dispensary. “Vaping doesn’t give off the aroma of burning flower and is seen by many as a more convenient delivery method for cannabis.”

The association reports that 49.7 percent of legal pot purchases through the first half of 2018 were flower product. But concentrates, like vape pens, are closing the gap at 24.6 percent of purchases.

As we close the year, here’s a list (provided by dispensary officials) of some of the most in-demand products at some of the valley’s largest dispensaries:

Reef Dispensary:

½ gram Khalifa Kush vape cartridge ($56)

1-gram Gorilla Glue #4 preroll ($12.50)

Essence Cannabis Dispensaries:

1/8th of an ounce Kush Mountain flower by Cannabiotix ($52)

Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace:

1-gram Smoke Signals Reserve Preroll ($11)

Planet 13 Dispensary:

1/8 of an ounce Chloe flower by Medizin ($60)

The Apothecarium:

1/8 of an ounce Cherry flower by State Flower Cannabis ($35)

1-gram Blue Dream flavor vape cartridge by Brass Knuckles ($80)

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