Valley pet owners gush about their animal friends

Cash the Dalmation
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Where would we be without our pets, especially after the year we’ve all had? As we look forward, there’s never been a better time to reflect on the magic of our furry little friends. We spoke with locals to learn the backgrounds of their beloved pets and what makes them so special. Here’s what they had to gush about.

Remy rules the roost



“I moved to Texas to be with my boyfriend. But after I moved, I realized I didn’t know anybody, so I was really sad all the time. My boyfriend bought Remy as a surprise gift to me. He’s 13 in September, so I now have a Yorkie who’s older than all my nieces and nephews. I love everything about him, his cute face, his personality. He’s like a gruff, salty old man. When he begs, he’ll do this trick where he’ll sit on his hind legs with his arms out forever and hold his back up straight. … Everyone falls for it. Remy is the boss of this house. He runs this whole place.” – Vicky Kim

Saddling up with Leader



“My family has owned Leader for 16 years, and he’s now 22 years old. Leader already had his name when we bought him, and as a retired racehorse, we thought the name was fitting. … I love riding him, because he has a very laid-back personality. His eyes are one of my favorite things about him. They remind me of Edward’s eyes from Twilight. They have a yellow tint to them. He is such a wonderful horse, and our home wouldn’t be the same without him.” –Sara Reed


Bean Sprout

Training a dragon

“My [bearded] dragon’s name is Bean Sprout. I had my last dragon for 10 years, and I loved her so much. I have had reptiles since I was 8, and I’m going into zoology, because they are so fascinating. They are truly loving and snuggly pets. They love rides in the car but hate riding on the seat next to me. They insist on sitting in my lap or on my shoulder!” –Olivia Wisniewski

No harm, all fowl



“We got Lovey from Tractor Supply in Pahrump when she was just a day old, a tiny fuzzy little puffball chick. Now she’s about 15 months. She has nine sisters and did have a loud, aggressive brother rooster named Queenie, who now lives at McKee Ranch. Lovey is a Barred Rock and the nicest of our chickens. She sits on your lap and likes to be petted. She loves watermelon and dried mealworms, and she gives us a present every day. How many pets give you food? We love our chickens. They have a ton of surprising personality.” –Paysha Rhone

Sassy, boujee Baxter



“Baxter entered my life in 2014. I was sitting outside my office, chatting with a coworker, when we heard this tiny meow. It was Baxter. He was just a few months old and totally alone, running around scared. After gaining his trust with pieces of bologna, I scooped him up, threw him in my car with a blanket to keep him warm and prayed my grandmother wouldn’t kill me for bringing him home. … I wanted to name him ‘Bologna’ at first, but that didn’t feel respectable enough; he had a very dapper attitude about him. … He’s been my best friend for about seven years now. He’s completely neurotic at times but is a fantastic big brother to his human sister. I was worried he would be jealous following the birth of my daughter, and I think he was at times. But he has surprised me with how protective, loving and patient he’s been toward her.” –Kristina Medina

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