Drink your coffee with kittens by your side at Rescued Treasures Cat Café

Maya at Rescued Treasures Cat Café
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It might look like all fun and games, but PAL NV’s Rescued Treasures Cat Café isn’t kitten around. Since the nonprofit debuted the café in 2019, it has housed more than 300 cats and helped more than 200 of them get adopted.

“We’ve had some situations where people came into the café, they’re playing with the cats and all of a sudden one strikes their heart, then they inquire about adoption,” says Tanya Russell, volunteer coordinator for the café.

Rescued Treasures intakes cats from various organizations, like the Animal Foundation, and from trappers who find domesticated cats living on the streets. “A lot of the rescues work hand-in-hand like that, if we can help them or if they can help us,” she says. “It’s all for the animals.”

Visitors can book one-hour café sessions with the cats for $12 which includes snacks and beverages. If they’re looking to adopt a cat they’ve seen on Rescued Treasures’ website, the booking fee reduces to $10. They meet the cat with an adoption associate, who helps determine if the visitor and animal make a good match.

Russell sees plenty of visitors during the week, many of which have specific reasons for coming in. “We have one young man that comes in every Saturday, who’s unable to have an animal,” she says. He comes in every Saturday, and he donates some food to us and plays with the cats.”

Living circumstances can deter some visitors from owning felines, so the café fosters an environment in which everyone can be a cat person for a day. Rescued Treasures keeps around 15 to 20 cats at a time, Russell says, but you won’t find any in cages. Cats roam at their leisure, interacting with guests, playing with toys and purposely sitting on anything humans appear to be using at the time.

Rescued Treasures is always looking for volunteers. Russell, who has been part of the team since April, says she’s far from done helping. “I was looking for an organization that I felt was really doing great work, that their heart and their passion was 100% for the cat,” she says. “I was looking to spend my time with a quality organization. And I found them.”

Rescued Treasures Cat Café 4155 N. Rancho Drive, 702- 629-6351, palnv.org. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Fri-Sun, by appointment only.

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