Love & Sex 2017

Constant contact makes us think we’re better communicators than we are, but there’s little meaning in a steady stream of emoticons.

Is technology getting in the way of togetherness?

February 9th, 2017

Constant contact makes us think we’re better communicators than we are, but there’s little meaning in a steady stream of emoticons.

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    There are no union spokespersons for the city's escorts. But we've heard stories.

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    When the big day evolves from pining for cheap jewelry to hiking with your love.

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    From a Sexy Truth or Dare game to the Love Is Art painting kit.

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    Example: We matched on Grindr two days ago, and he won’t stop messaging me. He’s being so extra.

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    If I don't like online dating, why am I still doing it?

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    Hours before the Electric Daisy Carnival kicked off a second night of utopia on Saturday in Las Vegas, some revelers took shelter in their ..

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    Metro said there were 29 felony narcotics arrests and three misdemeanor arrests of the estimated 137,500 attendees. One driver was arrested for ...

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    The event was previously scheduled to take place at Embassy Suites during the Sin City 8 weekend.

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    “Music has been very good to me so as a songwriter I try to be of service."

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    Many of today’s retirees are living off defined benefit plans, such as Social Security or pensions, but an increasing number of future retirees will depend ...

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    Le Thai’s full menu has made it over to Le Thai 2.

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    Griffin has a role in the upcoming remake of "A Star Is Born" with Lady Gaga.

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    The Golden Knights are headed to the Stanley Cup Final. A phrase that was inconceivable as recent as seven months ago seemed all but certain ...

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    Locals and tourists alike danced the night away, wearing costumes ranging from unicorns and fairies to Pokemon characters and gladiators. Some dressed in as little ...

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    Here’s a look at 10 moments that got us on our feet and dropped our jaws — the games and goals that were pivotal in ...

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    You won’t find Peruvian Nikkei elsewhere in Las Vegas, and it’s hard to locate anywhere else in the world other than Peru.

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    The Sun Standout Awards recognized the best in high school athletics last Wednesday at the South Point Showroom. Here are this year’s winners and their ...

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    Tao’s Buddha Beach Burger ranks among the best in Vegas.

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    Campers will have access to air-conditioned ShiftPod tents, along with a camp center called the Mesa.

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    Jets’ star defenseman Dustin Byfuglien whiffed on a shot at the point with the game tied 2-2 late in the third period, and Reilly Smith ...

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    Starring: The Chainsmokers, Diplo, David Guetta, Kygo and Marshmello.

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    For Gia Schultz, anything non-vegan can be made vegan, and delicious.

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    It was surreal to see J. Cole perform outside with these humanoid sculptures and the Vegas Strip as backdrop.

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    "Everybody wants to see what we can do, but you still have to put a sustainable product out there to get people to come.”