Scotty, Scotty, he’s our man!

DJ Scotty Boy is in the top ten, Exotic Erotic Strippers & Hustlers Ball is coming to town and Yellowtail Sushi opens at the Bellagio

Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar

If he can’t do it, no one can. Starting out as one of the 21 new nominees in the DJ Times America’s Best DJ competition, he’s worked his way up the ranks for a Top 10 spot next to the big boys. “When they told me I was in the Top 100, I figured I’d probably make 50, maybe Top 30, if I really promoted hard,” says Scotty Boy. “When I found out I was actually in the Top 10? I was pretty shocked. It’s an honor to be that high up with all those guys.”

Scotty, Scotty, he’s our man!

Fans can go online to and show their support for up to five DJs. Yet, with competition from the likes of DJ Dan and Bad Boy Bill, how did this Vegas DJ get such an impressive number of votes? “To really make it far, you just have to campaign, and there’s a lot of people who are shy—I’m not,” he explains. “I’m definitely marketing myself more than anyone else I know. That and getting the word out to your fans to go online and vote really helps.”

With a combination of self-promotion via his MySpace and e-mail list, Scotty Boy has also received help from the nightclub world. “I’m a resident at probably about 20 clubs [around the country], so between all those clubs and all their e-mail lists and all my e-mail lists, it really got the word out there to go online and vote.” Last week, in-person voting also took place. “I DJ’d that night at Body English and probably got about 400 votes that night.”

The voting deadline has recently been extended until August 16. As a bonus, all voters are entered to win a trip to the America’s Best DJ Closing Party and Winner’s Ceremony Labor Day weekend in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Yeah. Just go online and vote anyway.

Pimp and save

“What happens at the Ball … stays with you forever.” With a motto like that, it’s understandable why the Exotic Erotic Strippers & Hustlers Ball will be taking over the Orleans Hotel like mono at summer camp. With events such as the world’s largest girl-on-girl pillow fight, Perry Mann, founder of the 29-year-old Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco, touts the Ball as having the greatest lineup they’ve ever assembled. With performances by Gilby Clarke (you know, that one guy who used to be in Guns N’ Roses), Girls Girls Girls (an all-female Mötley Crüe tribute band) and Richard Vission (who’s been remixing Hilary Duff lately), it should be an … unusual Labor Day weekend. Don’t forget hip-hop artist Chuck Nutt performing the event’s theme song, “My Stripper Lover,” written by—wait for it—Perry Mann!

The question is, has anyone told Perry we already have a Pimp & Ho Ball in Vegas? No? Oh, okay. Then bring on the debauchery! Discount tickets are available online. For more information (i.e., pictures of half-naked people), visit

How Vegas rolls

Something fishy—and fabulous—is going on at the Bellagio just a chopstick’s throw away from Fix Restaurant and The Bank Nightclub. Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar opens Friday, and this too is brought to you by Light Group. Blurring the lines between dinner and entertainment, tables spill out of the dining room into the lounge, and then out of the lounge into the casino. Playfulness and a larger-than-life beverage program are afoot (take note of the large-format sake bottles and just try not to drool). As an accompaniment to your choice of 50 sakes (the drinks come first, right?), Executive Chef Akira Back (Nobu, Aspen) has sourced incredible items from all over the world to create his simple, ingredient-driven dishes—sudachi (a Japanese citrus fruit), Japanese maple leaves picked at a temple … and watermelon Pop Rocks candy?! Yep. (Try it on the Popping Spicy Crab …) If he can do all that, imagine his effect on a humble piece of fish.

Similarly, Revolution has gotten in on the fish-and-fun pairing with the expansion of its Rocket Wednesday industry night to include pre-party dining at Japonais Restaurant. Rock & Rolls, as the duet is so named, offers guests half-off a special sushi menu from 5-10:30 p.m., complimentary entry to Revolution as well as two-for-one Pravda vodka.

Also experiencing a sushi wave are the Shoppes at the Palazzo, where Sushisamba has finally opened its doors. The well-known fusion and Robata chain served its first Peruvian anticuchos (that’s skewered meat to the rest of us) on Tuesday. Coming with it is the Sugarcane Lounge, which will chase your anticuchos with bottle service beginning on August 1.


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