The people make the party at Hyde’s Friday Night Social

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If the trend in Vegas clubbing is getting a little smaller, getting a little closer and getting to know your fellow partiers a little better, then Hyde is well-situated. Those parts of the experience have always been the priority at the Bellagio lounge and nightclub.

“It feels like nightlife is coming full-circle,” says Kozmoe Alonzo, regional director of marketing and nightlife at SBE, which operates the Hyde venues at Bellagio and T-Mobile Arena. “My favorite parties back in the day were Tabu at MGM Wednesday nights and Foundation Room for Godspeed. It was always really intimate and just the most fun place to be, because everybody we knew was out there.”

That’s the intended vibe for Hyde’s Friday Night Social party, a new weekly event starting at 10:30 p.m. when lounging transitions to clubbing, diverse DJs set the sonic stage and guest hosts and programming will revolve around the one thing that ties our Vegas experiences together—social media. Viral video stars or influencers might be leading the party, or special partnerships with up-and-coming apps could anchor the fun.

“The way it’s always been at Hyde since our inception in LA was, for lack of a better term, hiding,” says Alonzo. “Celebrities would feel welcome, because they were never put on blast there. If you made it into the room, that’s the party—just socializing and not necessarily about who’s spinning. So we’re going back to our roots.”

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