Prepare for nine nights of music and memories at XS

Marshmello spins on May 20 and 28.

XS will celebrate its ninth anniversary with nine nights of the biggest parties possible from May 17 to May 28. These mega music events are taking place over Electric Daisy Carnival and Memorial Day weekends and will feature the biggest stars in the Wynn Nightlife galaxy—David Guetta on May 17 and 26, Kygo on May 18 and 27, Diplo on May 19, Marshmello on May 20 and 28 and The Chainsmokers on May 21 and 25.

To explore each of these artists’ significance to XS and Las Vegas, we spoke to the industry leaders that know them best: Wynn Nightlife Executive Director of Talent & Programming Kevin Clark and Executive Director of Artist Development & Strategy Zee Zandi.

We’ve seen and heard these versatile DJs on the decks at XS before, but bringing them together for nine nights across the most memorable club weekends of the year marks a new pinnacle.


Clark: “Musically, Diplo is the ultimate tastemaker. He’s always on the cutting edge of new sounds, and it speaks to the fact that his strength is his ability to understand what’s next.”

Zandi: “He’s been part of the Wynn family for so many years now, and his sound is so eclectic. He has completely embraced this city—he doesn’t just come in and play; he actually makes the rounds and does all sorts of cool stuff. If you look at what he shows socially, he’s kind of made Vegas his second home.”


Clark: “What’s unique about a Chains show is that it’s more than a DJ set; it’s really a performance-based show. You’ve got Andrew [Taggart] up there singing along to his tracks, and it’s like the audience is getting two shows. And then it’s in this mixed environment at XS, where you can be inside or outside. It’s like seeing a big arena act inside XS, and it feels really intimate and unique.”

Zandi: “They’re used to playing concerts to 15,000 or 20,000 people, and here it’s a few thousand. They really are [Vegas] headliners, and we treat all of our residents in that manner.”


Zandi: “I think David has done such a great job of being out there with the new talent, supporting the newer guys through social media and going by their sets. He’s a legend, he’s been around and they look up to him. He does a great job keeping himself connected. He’s always changing up his musical style and playing to the crowd.”

Clark: “The nature of our business mandates that you have to stay current with trends, and for us and all our artists, David is someone we work with and lean on to give us input.”


Clark: “He speaks to a different audience. His style of music is more melodic and just not the typical sound, but still with really high intensity. There’s just a different kind of energy. And the majority of the music he plays is his own, a show that really represents his catalog. He’s really at the forefront of his genre.”

Zandi: “We have so many artists that have been with us for a while, and Kygo is someone fresh that hasn’t been seen as much in town. I notice people at his shows have a different familiarity with the music—there are more people singing along with his set.”


Zandi: “His team is very involved with everything we do, and they’re always calling in and working with us on new ideas and things to keep him going.”

Clark: “Mello has a keen ability to tap into what is now, making his music very relevant and current. That’s why he’s achieved so much in such a short period of time—he hits that sweet spot with his music. He’s connecting with everybody.”

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