Chatting with Kaskade about new Las Vegas megaclub KAOS and more

Kaskade hits KAOS on May 10 and 11.

Like most of us, Kaskade was initially blown away by the size of the Palms’ KAOS night and dayclub, but he got to see the plans ahead of time. There’s also that whole thing of him being one of the most famous DJs in the world and flying everywhere to perform at the biggest clubs and festivals in existence.

“I think everyone is blown away. There’s nothing of this magnitude in Vegas or even in our country that I’m aware of,” he says. “You hear these stories of megaclubs, but I don’t think there’s anything as mega as KAOS.”

Kaskade is nothing less than a Vegas club institution. He has played every major venue that has ever existed on or off the Strip, so it makes perfect sense that the Palms signed him as one of KAOS’ first resident artists.

“Working with the team at the Palms was the big draw for me, bringing in new, fresh and innovative ideas,” says the 48-year-old DJ, producer and co-creator of the Sun Soaked Festival. “These guys are part of the reason clubs are so big [in Las Vegas], and they’re really pushing themselves to try new and interesting things in this space and redefine what a megaclub is and what a live music venue can be in Las Vegas.”

Programming various genres and different styles of performers attracted Kaskade to KAOS. He’s back this weekend at the nightclub Friday and the dayclub Saturday, and last Sunday he collaborated onstage with pop electronic duo Breathe Carolina. Talking on the phone from Bali while getting a little extra downtime after playing at Marquee in Singapore, he says he’s planning more unique shows at his new Vegas home in the future.

Ten years ago, Kaskade was asked to help create a new Vegas nightlife experience at Encore, leading to a groundbreaking residency at Encore Beach Club. Since then, he has been a fixture at the hottest venues in the new global clubbing capital.

“I think I’m kind of like everyone’s lucky rabbit foot,” he says of his sustained success here. “I was there when people were saying this would never work, one of very few people saying, no, electronic music can work. It’s funny to think now, but the entire industry and most of my friends and colleagues were laughing it off because it was such a European concept, and now a decade later, people have kind of forgotten about Ibiza. I mean, a residency there is obviously still important, but Vegas is insanely important.”

Kaskade will be spending much of his summer at KAOS, where several artists he recommended (like Gorgon City and Cheat Codes) have joined him on the roster. But he’s also focusing on Sun Soaked, the third-year oceanfront fest in Long Beach, California, that doubled in size over its first two events. He has partnered with Live Nation to oversee its growth to two days this year, July 13 and 14.

“I could only do it quietly for so long, and two years was that limit,” he says. “One of the problems I had growing it from 12,000 to 30,000 people was making sure the overall experience was everything it needed to be, so [Live Nation] will help me regulate it and make it the best fan experience possible.

“I’ve played various festivals and events on the beach around the world, and it’s always been a special place for me. It’s two things I love coming together, and this year we’re taking it to two days and making it the best weekend on the beach ever.”

KASKADE May 10-11, $25-$40. KAOS, 702-953-7665.

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