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How to make Associate Art Director Wesley Gatbonton’s ghetto Mimosa

Brass monkey, that funky monkey

Brass Monkey! It’s what’s for breakfast.
Photo: Wes Gatbonton
Wesley Gatbonton

Have you heard the Beastie Boys track “Brass Monkey”? I’ll bet good money you didn’t know what they were talking about. Brass Monkey—also known as the ghetto Mimosa—is a simple cocktail that consists of two ingredients easily purchased at your local gas station. Start with a 40-ounce of Olde English and some orange juice, preferably Sunny Delight, the good stuff (big) kids go for. Drink the 40 until you’ve emptied to about half an inch from the top of the label, then fill to the top with Sunny D. Booya! Brass Monkey, that funky monkey …


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