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Amber Rose is ready to take over Las Vegas

You’re invited to party with Amber Rose on the Strip.
Photo: Anthony Mair / Special to Industry Weekly

We all have memories, some blurry, of crazy nights in Las Vegas. Amber Rose is no different. “This is really cliché, but I had the worst hangover I’ve ever had in my life in Vegas,” she says. “It was so bad. I think I was arguing with my boyfriend that night, young and stupid and thinking, I’m gonna get drunk. All the food I ate for the next week tasted like tequila. It was horrible.”

The model and activist is planning on some very different Vegas nights very soon. Rose is collaborating with the new Sugar Factory at the Fashion Show mall to create Chocolate Rose in the swanky upstairs Chocolate Lounge, a sexy weekend party designed for women. “It’s been a long time coming,” she says during a visit to supervise auditions for the all-male waitstaff. “We definitely want to have a very romantic, seductive ambiance, and very sexy guys of all different shades for all different kinds of women. We just want to cater to the ladies and make them feel beautiful and special.”

Rose, who recently collaborated with Reebok for a new Freestyle Hi sneaker, is riding high on the growing success of her LA Slutwalk, a sexual-injustice awareness demonstration that brought out 18,000 people for its third-annual event two months ago. “This year was amazing,” she says. “The first year we had no sponsors and no help, and I dealt with a lot of scrutiny for even putting it on. But 2,500 people showed up, and it felt like a success because it was extremely grassroots. I didn’t shut up about it for a whole year, and 11,000 showed up the next year. This year we had some huge brands that came in and helped.”

Considering the current climate in which high-profile sexual harassment reports seem to emerge almost daily, the mission of education and awareness to which Rose has been dedicated resonates more than ever. “I believe every single woman and man out there that says they have been sexually harassed—100 percent,” Rose says. “You only ask for it when you actually ask for it, and anything other than that is rape and sexual assault.”

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