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The Silicon Valley Girls join ‘Absinthe’

The Silicon Valley Girls are the newest addition to Caesars Palace favorite Absinthe.
Photo: Matthias Clamer

Many of the acts at Absinthe, the naughty and thrilling show in the Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace, are difficult to describe with common words. It sometimes becomes necessary to invent new words in order to accurately portray the magnificent and sometimes hilarious feats we’ve witnessed in that tent. In the case of Absinthe’s newest act, the Silicon Valley Girls, we’re going to go with a new word: Burlesque-robatics.

“Their act looks like Charlie’s Angels were meant to be on undercover assignment to infiltrate a cheerleader squad, but Bosley sent them to a bar brawl in a Kiev mafia dive by mistake.” That’s another way to describe this talented trio—as the show’s host and producer, The Gazillionaire, did when the new addition was announced last month.

Using elements of dance, contortion and gymnastics and demonstrating superhuman strength, balance and sex appeal, the Silicon Valley Girls are instant standouts in a show full of memorable performers. If you haven’t returned to Absinthe recently, it’s time to go again, take it all in and maybe make up some new words of your own.

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