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Thinking about Ashton Kutcher at Eat, Wet ‘n’ Wild and more

    • Battery backup

      What really sucks? Having your Prius be one of the only ones in the country to have its hybrid battery die. What really rocks? Making the warranty period by a scant few months. Whew! —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • Lochterage

      Now that Wet ’n’ Wild is back, it’s time for Ryan Lochte and me to hit the Royal Flush Extreme, and then maybe eat some burritos (so he can tweet about them). I love his show (and his mom). Jeah buddy! —Erin Ryan, staff writer

    • Celebrity central

      Downtown’s Eat restaurant is the new Spago: Last Thursday, actor/investor Ashton Kutcher visited and just missed celebrity chef Scott Conant’s arrival. Talk about a power lunch. —Brock Radke, web & food editor

    • Feeling conflicted

      Light, Daylight and Eclipse have opened at Mandalay Bay. I like the wordplay on light, but it’s a tad confusing ... and blinding. —Don Chareunsy, contributing editor

    • Water under the bridge

      I didn’t groan as I passed the shuttered Lake Delores water park during my road trip to LA this weekend, because it’s no longer a painful reminder of no Wet ’n’ Wild. Take that, Delores! You big tease. —Mark Adams, associate web editor

    Photo of Mark Adams

    Mark Adams is the Web Editor of Las Vegas Weekly, overseeing the magazine’s EPPY Award-winning website. He previously served as ...

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    Photo of Don Chareunsy

    Don was born in Laos and grew up in Montana. He was Helena High's yearbook and newspaper editor and, after ...

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    Photo of Ken Miller

    Ken Miller is Las Vegas Magazine's managing editor, having previously served as associate editor at Las Vegas Weekly, assistant features ...

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    Photo of Brock Radke

    Brock Radke is editor at Industry Weekly and associate editor at Las Vegas Weekly. His focus at both publications is ...

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    Photo of Erin Ryan

    Erin Ryan

    Erin got her first newspaper job in 2002 thanks to a campfire story about Bigfoot. In her award-winning work for ...

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