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Light Group chef Brian Massie loves ketchup and his new pizza oven

Light Group executive chef Brian Massie currently oversees Fix, Stack, Yellowtail, Brand and Diablo’s, all on the Strip.
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Light Group executive chef Brian Massie oversees an ever-growing empire of restaurants, including Fix, Stack, Yellowtail, Brand and Diablo’s. Massie will be beefing up his to-do list thanks to the recent announcement of Light Group’s restaurant and nightclub expansion as part of the Hotel at Mandalay Bay’s conversion to the Delano.

Favorite kitchen utensil: Blackberry “It’s probably every chef’s kitchen tool these days. You have to be accessible. I’m running around all the time. I’m not always in the kitchen, but I have to be connected.”

Current obsession: pizza oven “I just put a pizza oven in my backyard, this really cool wood-fired oven. I had a mason come by and build the whole thing. It’s less about the ingredients and more the cooking method: Here’s your fire, and here’s your pan. I think there’s a lot more art to it and a lot more passion.”

Least favorite food trend: “farm to table” “We’re supposed to be doing that anyways, right? We’re supposed to be sourcing the best seasonal product from farmers or vendors. When everyone says it’s farm to table, it’s kind of like saying, ‘This is an artisanal cheese.’ But isn’t the other cheese you’re using artisanal? ... I look at it and kind of giggle about it.”

Favorite condiment: ketchup “I can eat ketchup with everything. Eggs, hot dogs, burgers, anything. Chicken. Steak. I’m not sh*tting you, I put ketchup on my steak. It’s sweet. It’s slightly spicy. It’s acidic. It’s salty. It’s got everything you need.”

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