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Jim Begley

Jim Begley is an avid food lover who began writing about his Las Vegas dining adventures to defray his obscene restaurant spending. Follow Jim on Twitter: @splurgemonkey.

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  • Dining

    Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014

    Chef Brian Lhee's late-night, collaborative party turns into a monthly event.

  • Dining

    Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

    A unique concept and precision execution make this distant southeastern restaurant worth the trip.

  • Food

    Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

    Start with potato pancakes and save room for the rouladen.

  • Food

    Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

    Meat and potatoes? Nah. Try 87 different dishes from blood sausage with sea urchin to suckling pig.

  • Food

    Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

    The search for the perfectly overflowing pita sandwich leads to Yassou.

  • Dining

    Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

    And its varied menu is arguably better than the award-winner down the street.

  • Booze Issue

    Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

    Max Solano's menu is worth the trip—you just have to catch him at the Venetian steakhouse's bar.

  • Dining

    Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014

    The multi-course dinner at new Japanese Cuisine by Omae is unlike any other local dining experience.

  • Food

    Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014

    Not only was there swine galore, but there were pork fat-washed Templeton Rye cocktails, too.

  • Dining

    Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014

    Get ready to pair a huge barbecue turkey leg with a can of sake while you're enjoying the festival.