Tequila, North America’s first distilled spirit, was created during the 16th century in the Mexican state now known as Jalisco. Today, Jalisco remains the single largest producer of tequila in the world.

Cocktail of the Week: Arandas Nights

September 15th, 2016

Tequila, North America’s first distilled spirit, was created during the 16th century in the Mexican state now known as Jalisco. Today, Jalisco remains the single largest producer of tequila in the world.

  • More swanky cocktail party, less pool-side barbecue—this drink is perfect for the transition between summertime and autumn

  • Crisp and refreshing, while still being indulgently rich, “Light & Stormy” is the perfect name for this cocktail.

  • Move over, piña coladas and Mai Tais. In the realm of festively elaborate tropical cocktails, the Caribbean Kiss is now reigning supreme.

  • The Horse’s Neck is a long-revered classic cocktail that boasts as many recipe variations as it does accolades — making it an ideal drink for ...

  • Light, dreamy, nearly ethereal—this cocktail has absolutely earned its celestial name. The cucumber flavor of the sake balances the rich botanicals of the gin and ...

  • Negroni Week kicks off June 6th, so this year we’re serving up a lesser-known but equally delicious variation of the classic.

  • Complex, aromatic and completely unique—this cocktail is truly in a league of its own. Unexpected in all the right ways, the Double Time balances notes ...

  • What’s better than a big batch of refreshing, white wine sangria on a hot day? Whip this up for your next BBQ or pool party, ...

  • This cocktail — an Italian mixologist’s take on the classic Old Fashioned — is strong, gently herbal and complete with both bitter and sweet citrus ...

  • The traditional Mint Julep has been the official drink of the Kentucky Derby since the early years of the race. This recipe isn’t the same ...

  • This margarita was created nearly 20 years ago by Julio Bermejo, a world-renown tequila expert and owner of Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco.

  • In just three ounces, this rich, nectar-like cocktail packs a flavorful punch — smooth and warm from the brandy, with notes of cinnamon and vanilla; ...

  • The Moscow Mule, a classic, beloved bar favorite, is getting a tropical makeover. Enter: the Bangkok Mule.

  • A strong rye whiskey tends to evoke mixed responses: There are passionate rye devotees, and there are people less enthused by the strong spirit. This ...

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