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Love and Sex 2014

Apparently the dating scene is a "cavern of unspeakable horrors that aspires to be a bottomless pit of despair." Yikes.

Survey: The horrors of dating in Las Vegas

February 14th, 2014

Apparently the dating scene is a "cavern of unspeakable horrors that aspires to be a bottomless pit of despair." Yikes.

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    A local boudoir photographer is helping ladies find their sexy.

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    One of the Chippendales is telling you how to set the mood, so listen up.

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    Is he a #DirtyTalkPro or #OneOfTheGoodOnes? The "dating compass" app lets you review your exes.

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    Swingshifters must find not only the right match, but also the time and energy for dating

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    "After two drinks he asked me ever so matter-of-factly, if I was “shaved.'"

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    Because trail rides and Kiss Mini Golf aren't just for the tourists.

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    Last spring Nevada lawmakers began the process of repealing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, but it’s still a long way down the aisle until ...

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    Because there’s a right and a wrong way to do this, people!

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    "I was about 16 years old, very drunk, told her A LOT of lies and have no idea who she was."

  • FeaturedLove and Sex 2014

    “We’ve joked that if we ever broke up, we’d both stay in the band. That’s how much we like doing it.”

  • Las Vegas

    What began as a rumor this month is now official: the Las Vegas tourism authority is moving forward with plans to purchase the Riviera so ...

  • PhotographyFeaturedLifestyle

    In the shadow of the Strip, the jumbled stretch of road tells another Vegas story.

  • BusinessFeatured

    David Siegel saw Elvis' comeback at the old Las Vegas Hilton. "Little did I know ... I’d be buying the hotel, but it does feel ...

  • Kats Report

    "You have to work to be noticed. ... Maybe I should change the name of my show to Cirque du So Gay.”

  • Dining News

    Also, a unique beer dinner takes over Mandalay Bay and Delano this month.

  • Breaking News

    Someone hacked into Burning Man's website and snapped up the first batch of tickets to the summer festival. Now organizers are trying to figure out ...

  • A&E

    Celebrate the Year of the Goat by checking out some of the Strip's impressive offerings.

  • As We See It

    The National Recreation Area is encouraging the public to weigh in on the fee increases through March 11. Find the details here.

  • BusinessDiningFeatured

    Big food, crazy cocktails and undeniable warmth: A day in the life of a Strip institution.

  • Dining

    At Billy's, pork is put on a pedestal courtesy of a “competition-style” rub that uses many flavors stacked together.

  • Reviews

    A neighborhood restaurant operated by nightclub folk could be a disaster, but Lucky Foo's is the farthest thing from it.

  • Dining

    Desyree Alberganti is leaving the Downtown favorite she helped create.

  • Dining

    This new restaurant’s location could be an obstacle, but the food is good enough to overcome it.

  • Nightlife

    Weekly Burning Man meet-ups, a curated craft beer selection and video games projected on the wall—Phoenix isn't your typical gay bar.

  • Fine Art

    "This is about people at different stages in their lives reflecting on a sentimental shared experience."

  • Dining News

    The prestigious annual chef and restaurant awards include more Las Vegas semifinalists than in years' past.